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Food poisoning linked to ground beef

Ground Beef

Federal health officials say at least 16 people in five states have been sickened by salmonella food poisoning linked to ground beef. No one has died, but half were hospitalized. Most of the illnesses have been in Michigan, but a few cases were scattered in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.


Schools Drop ‘Pink Slime’ Beef Filler Like a Hot Potato

School Lunches

News of the ammonia-treated additive, formally called lean finely textured beef, set off a reaction by schools and an announcement by the Agriculture Department.


Pink Slime Not Getting to the Crux of Matter

The recent outcry over ‘pink slime’, the ground beef treated with ammonium hydroxide, which has been provided to schools since the early 80s by such companies as Beef Products, Inc, has prompted the USDA to offer untreated, fattier ground beef. Beef is treated with ammonia to destroy E. Coli, but the thought of food being treated with ammonia just didn’t sit right with some people although the FDA claims that such processing of beef is safe for human consumption.


"Pink slime" critics fight ammonia-treated meat

Pink Slime

"Pink slime" just went from a simmer to a boil. In less than a week earlier this month, the stomach-turning epithet for ammonia-treated ground beef filler suddenly became a potent rallying cry by activists fighting to ban the product from supermarket shelves and school lunch trays.


60,000 pounds of tainted beef leads to grocery recalls

At least three major grocery store chains are recalling certain packages of ground beef due to possible E. coli contamination.


Ground beef recalled over E. coli illnesses

Ground beef recalled over E. coli illnesses

A New York meat company has recalled almost 546,000 pounds of ground beef because, according to health officials, contaminated meat has caused illness and one death.


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