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Roundup: Inhaled asthma drug stunts growth

Asthma Drug Stunts Growth

For some kids, the price of controlling severe asthma is half an inch of adult height. Those who use the inhaled steroid drug budesonide (marketed under brands including Rhinocort and Pulmicort) see a permanent stunting of growth, new research shows.


Growth versus austerity

Growth vs. Austerity

The anti-austerity backlash - as seen at the polls in France and Greece - is already shaping a new debate in Europe... Europe's leaders will address a conundrum that divides economists: can you have austerity and growth at the same time?


Twitter's Growth Slows Dramatically

After news about the landing of US Airways 1549 in the Hudson first broke on Twitter in January 2009, the microblogging service quickly captured the imagination of a new group of potential users. Throughout the first months of 2009, Twitter grew at a rapid pace, peaking at a growth rate of 13% in March 2009.


AdMob Reports on Mobile Web's Explosive Growth

Mobile ad firm AdMob has revealed the dramatic changes the mobile industry has seen in their second annual Mobile Metrics Report, released just this morning. Believe it or not, it was only a year ago that the Motorola RAZR scored as the number one phone here in the U.S. while the iPhone was the only touchscreen device to even make the list of top ten handsets. Only a year later, and so much has changed.


China's growth quickens but policy stays on hold

China's economic growth picked up last quarter as expected as a combination of breakneck investment and buoyant bank lending more than made up for a slump in exports.


Service sector grows for first time in a year

Service sector grows for first time in a year

The U.S. service sector grew in September for the first time in 13 months, an encouraging sign for the fledgling economic recovery although jobs remain scarce.


Microsoft boss sees weak growth

Software giant Microsoft's boss Steve Ballmer says he believes that the world will be in a period of slow growth for "years".


Did Bing's Growth Spurt Come to a Halt in September?

Did Bing's Growth Spurt Come to a Halt in September?

After months of slow but steady increases in its market share, Bing's share of the search market in the US and globally fell for the first time in September.


US factory output confirms growth

US manufacturing output grew in September for the second consecutive month, a new survey suggests.


CEOs see sales growing, but many still not hiring

An index measuring the expectations of 107 CEOs from among the nation's largest companies was at its highest level this year, with more than half expecting sales to grow in the next six months - but their outlook for capital spending remained stagnant, and 40 percent predicted more job cuts....


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