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All that stress may be shrinking your brain

Everyone knows stress can cause headaches and sleepless nights. But a new study suggests it can actually shrink your brain.


Migraine therapy advances with drugs, clue to causes

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann isn't alone when it comes to suffering from migraines.


Despite Headaches, Eyestrain, 3D TV Makers Push On

From Hollywood studios to Japanese TV makers, powerful business interests are betting 3-D will be the future of entertainment, despite a major drawback: It makes millions of people uncomfortable or sick.Optometrists say as many as one in four viewers have problems watching 3-D movies and TV, either because 3-D causes tiresome eyestrain or because the viewer has problems perceiving depth in real life. In the worst cases, 3-D makes people queasy, leaves them dizzy or gives them headaches.

Senh: That's probably not what 3d tv manufacturers wanna hear. I think it's the future too, but there gotta be a way to do without people having to wear 3d glasses.


Cold beer and hot dogs can trigger headaches

Mind-numbing headaches are more likely to strike as the mercury rises, a recent Harvard University study says. But the heat may not be the only perpetrator at play.

Senh: As long as it's ok to drink beer by itself, I could live with that.


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