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Stay Healthy While Traveling


A healthy diet is tricky to manage when we travel. Often, we don’t have enough time or energy to fully focus on eating habits, so maybe we choose the carb-filled continental breakfast down the hall or opt out of breakfast all together. Either way, we’re doing our body a huge disservice, say health experts.


Surprise! Subsidizing Healthy Food Helps Kids Lose Weight

A new U.S.D.A. study says cutting the costs of healthy food has a significant impact on kids' weights. Let's stop subsidizing corn syrup.


Michelle Obama to write book about White House garden

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama will write a book about the kitchen garden she started at the White House and her efforts to promote healthy eating, the Crown publishing group said on Wednesday.


Healthy, tasty recipes - minus the meat

Trying to eat well and save money on food at the same time?


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