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Herman Cain gets his own radio show

Herman Cain

Herman Cain is going back to talk radio, taking the reins from long-time WSB host Neal Boortz.


Gingrich, Cain to campaign through Atlanta area Saturday

Hermain Cain & Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich hedged whether he could win his old home state on Super Tuesday as he campaigned through the vote-rich Atlanta area with Herman Cain at his side amid incursions from Mitt Romney and a surging Rick Santorum.

Senh: Let's see what kind of impact Herman Cain's endorsement of Newt Gingrich brings.


Cain backs Gingrich's presidential bid

Herman Cain

Former presidential hopeful Herman Cain threw his support behind Newt Gingrich Saturday night, providing the former House speaker with a late boost just days before Florida's primary.


How Herman Cain's train went off the rails

When you look at the calendar, the dizzying ride of the Cain Train basically lasted just over two months. It only felt much, much longer.


GOP rivals hope to court Cain supporters

Michele Bachmann

A day after Herman Cain shuttered his Republican candidacy for president, struggling GOP hopefuls looked to pick up the fallen candidate's tea party following and upset a primary dynamic that has pushed Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich to the forefront....


Herman Cain suspends presidential campaign

Herman Cain

Herman Cain said today he is suspending his presidential campaign, acknowledging the toll it has taken on him and his family as he battled allegations of an affair and sexual misconduct. The businessman vowed to endorse one of his GOP rivals and announced he would try to change Washington from the outside. Cain unveiled a new website, thecainsolution.com.


Gingrich, Romney would both gain from Cain: Reuters/Ipsos

Herman Cain's departure from the presidential campaign would do little to change the 2012 primary race, as his support would be carved up among the Republican field, an analysis of Reuters/Ipsos poll data said on Wednesday.


Cain accuser: 'Very casual affair'

Ginger White

White told CNN affiliate WSB that the relationship was sexual in nature. White told WAGA the affair ended early this year as Cain prepared to announce his presidential bid. But she pointed to mobile phone records she said prove Cain was calling her as late as September, including one call at 4:26 a.m.


The Caucus: Cain Reassessing Candidacy as New Allegations Emerge

Herman Cain

Herman Cain told members of his campaign staff on Tuesday that he was reassessing whether to proceed with his presidential campaign, an aide confirmed, a day after an Atlanta woman disclosed details of what she said was a 13-year affair with him... Mr. Cain denied the accusations from the Atlanta woman, Ginger White. But he acknowledged that the latest report of sexual misconduct might be more difficult to overcome, considering that the first voting is set to take place in five weeks at the Iowa caucuses. He said that he had not lost his enthusiasm to run, but suggested it was a distraction that could be difficult to recover from.


Cain denies new allegation of affair

A new woman alleged a 13-year-old affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Monday, prompting the former Godfather's Pizza CEO to issue fresh denials of any wrongdoing.


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