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The psychology of heroism: Why some people leap in front of bullets

During the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and Oak Creek, Wisconsin, some people confronted danger and saved lives, while most others scampered for the exits. What explains the difference?


Bus driver/hero catches girl after 3-story fall: Video of the day

A Brooklyn bus driver picked up another occupation on Monday: hero. Steve St. Bernard caught a 7-year-old girl as she plunged three stories from a Coney Island apartment building. The girl reportedly had crawled out atop an air-conditioning unit in her family's third-floor apartment. Video shows her swaying and dancing as onlookers gather around. St. Bernard (yes, that's really his last name) stood directly under the girl.

Senh: From the headline, I thought he caught her while driving a bus. I know it doesn't make sense. Great catch, nonetheless. That little girl was very lucky.


Newark mayor saves woman from fire

Cory Booker

Cory Booker needs a cape, stat! The Newark, N.J., mayor -- already lionized in some corners for his good deeds -- added to his list of praiseworthy actions on Thursday night when he raced into a burning home to help save a woman trapped inside. The woman, who suffered second-degree burns on her neck and back, is reported to be in stable condition. Booker got away with only minor burns and smoke inhalation.


New Mexico hero who saved girl says he's illegal

The man who chased down a suspected child abductor and saved a 6-year-old girl from what could have been a horrible fate was honored as a hero Friday. But he is also gaining a new kind of celebrity: as a poster child of sorts for immigration rights in state and national immigration debates....


Tourist honored for catching falling child

Tourist honored for catching falling child

The British tourist who caught a 1-year-old child as she fell from the fourth-floor balcony of an Orlando, Florida, hotel was honored by government and business leaders Friday.


After Rant, Many See JetBlue Worker as Hero

Most of us will probably never pull a Steven Slater: curse out a customer, grab a drink and leave our place of employment in a blaze of glory.

But let’s face it, we’ve all had the urge.

Slater, a flight attendant on JetBlue, instantly became a folk hero in many people’s eyes Monday after he grabbed a microphone and ranted at a passenger who had refu


Toddler caught after falling 3 stories

Two men were being hailed as heroes by police on Monday for catching a toddler who fell 40 feet from a home's third-story window.


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