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Airfares With Less Fine Print

Spirit Airlines

On Jan. 24, the Transportation Department will enforce a rule requiring that any advertised price for air travel include all taxes and government fees.


A debit of gratitude to Bank of America

Its planned $5 fee for using a debit card has driven out into the open other fees that were long hidden to consumers. This may be a very unpopular thing to say about Bank of America and its planned $5 monthly debit card fee, but it's worth saying anyway: Thank you, Bank of America.

Senh: The article makes a good point. It gives a good summary of how debit card fees work, and how it eventually goes to consumers.


How USA Today Slips $82 Million a Year Onto Your Hotel Bill

How USA Today Slips $82 Million a Year Onto Your Hotel Bill

People checking out of a hotel are usually in a hurry, whether on their way to catch a plane, return a rental car or get back to their families. Certainly they’re too busy to notice or care about a measly extra charge for 75 cents for an unrequested newspaper.


Bucks: New American Express Prepaid Card Is Light on Fees

American Express introduced a reloadable prepaid card that isn't packed with hidden fees.


Hidden fees have airline passengers in a frenzy

Hidden fees have airline passengers in a frenzy

Airlines are nickel-and-diming passengers, and now a coalition of three travel advocacy groups is fighting back.


Air travelers face screwball fares

Air travelers face screwball fares

Passengers are increasingly running afoul of funny fares.  The prices often can’t be adequately explained, so their only choice is to take their business elsewhere.


Banks may be gaming your credit card payment

Credit card issuers are still playing "gotcha" with customers.


Tips for a successful credit card dispute

It’s no secret that in this recession, many travel companies are playing the discount-and-surcharge game. A lot of unwanted charges are popping up on credit card bills — fees that, if not removed, will end up being contested.


Struggling airlines launch more 'a la carte' fees at fliers

Many fliers are frustrated when confronted with an ever-expanding array of fees for services that once were included in the price ...


Obama Favors Limits on Credit Card Fees

Obama Favors Limits on Credit Card Fees

In his weekly radio address, the president said Americans “have a right to not get ripped off by the sudden rate hikes, unfair penalties and hidden fees that have become all too common to our credit card industry.”.


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