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Amtrak, California teaming up on high-speed rail

The two biggest players in the nation's pursuit of high-speed rail say they'll work together to search for trains that will operate at up to 220 miles per hour along both coasts of the United States.


Illinois Amtrak train set to hit 110 mph in test run


In a modest milestone for President Barack Obama's high-speed rail vision, test runs started zooming along a small section of the Amtrak line between Chicago and St. Louis at 111 mph Friday.


Governor signs law to make California home to nation's first truly high-speed rail

Jerry Brown

California will become home to the nation's first truly high-speed rail system after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law authorizing funding for its first leg. But California is broke, so how will they pay for it?


China unveils high-speed rail line

As our train raced through the familiar scenery of rural and small-town China on this sunny Monday morning -- alternating between green farmland and red tiled-roofs, my Chinese seatmate proudly pointed to a coffee cup on the tray table.


Amtrak, 15 states get $2 billion that Florida lost

The Obama administration is giving Amtrak and rail projects in 15 states the $2 billion that Florida lost after the governor canceled plans for high-speed train service.


Florida governor rejects US high-speed rail funds

Florida governor rejects US high-speed rail funds

Florida's Tea Party-backed Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday said he was rejecting federal funds to construct a high-speed railway project in the state.


Obama to call for $53B for high-speed rail

Obama to call for $53B for high-speed rail

President Barack Obama is calling for a six-year, $53 billion investment in high-speed rail as he seeks to use infrastructure spending to create jobs.


U.S. announces $2.4 billion for high-speed rail

The federal government will send $2.4 billion to 54 high-speed rail projects in 23 states, the Transportation Department said on Thursday, following up on announcements made by members of Congress and governors earlier in the week.


Florida gets $808 million to advance bullet train project

Florida gets $808 million to advance bullet train project

The US Department of Transportation will award $800 million more to Florida toward building a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando, according to Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.


China to bid on US high-speed rail projects

China plans to bid for contracts to build U.S. high-speed train lines and is stepping up exports of rail technology to Europe and Latin America, a government official said Saturday.


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