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Hacker says app could hijack a plane

Hugo Teso - CNN

Could this be the deadliest smartphone app ever? A German security consultant, who's also a commercial pilot, has demonstrated tools he says could be used to hijack an airplane remotely, using just an Android phone. Speaking at the Hack in the Box security summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Hugo Teso said Wednesday that he spent three years developing SIMON, a framework of malicious code that could be used to attack and exploit airline security software, and an Android app to run it that he calls PlaneSploit.


Link by Link: Dealing With an Identity Hijacked on the Online Highway

Link by Link: Dealing With an Identity Hijacked on the Online Highway

Rick Santorum has lost control of his online identity, a predicament that stands as a chilling example of what it means to be at the mercy of the Google algorithm.

Senh: It's unfortunate, but as soon as Google adds an editorial layer on top of their search engine, it's game over for the company - then you can definitely say there's a bias in their search results. It opens up a whole can of worms. What I don't get is why Rick Santorum couldn't do the same and get his followers to tweet and blog about him to push his official site up to the top of the results.


Oil tanker terror hijacks easy, attacks complex

Supertankers the hulking, slow-moving ships that transport half the world's oil have few defenses against terrorist hijackers like those envisioned ...


Philippines mourns, HK angry after hijack deaths

Philippines mourns, HK angry after hijack deaths

The Philippines acknowledged "inadequacies" in handling a hostage crisis that killed eight Hong Kong tourists, as anger over the botched negotiations erupted Tuesday in Hong Kong with demonstrations and harsh words.

Senh: Suddenly, the plot for "Speed" doesn't seem too far-fetched. I don't know if you can blame Philippines for this. They probably did the best they could under the circumstances. It's the hijacker that deserves the anger from HK, not the country.


Russia foils plane hijacking in Moscow: TASS

Russia foils plane hijacking in Moscow: TASS

Russian special forces detained a man on Thursday who had taken control of an aircraft on a domestic flight to Moscow's Domodedovo airport, ITAR-TASS news agency cited a police spokesman as saying.


Somali pirates hijack fourth vessel in a week

Pirates off Somalia have hijacked two more vessels in the Gulf of Aden, the European Union naval force said today -- making a total of four captured this week.


Somali pirates hijack oil tanker going to US

Somali pirates seized a tanker carrying crude oil from Saudi Arabia to the United States in the increasingly dangerous waters off East Africa, an official said Monday, an attack that could pose a huge environmental or security threat to the region....


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