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'Breastaurant' Trademarked

Breastaurant - Fox News

A breast-themed restaurant by any other name may not be as sweet. While scantily-clad women and burgers are a classic American combination, chains like Hooters, Twin Peaks and Canz have lost the rights to use the terminology “breastaurant" for the iconic combo.


Hooters-style restaurants experiencing a mini-boom

The waitresses at Twin Peaks wear skimpy plaid tops that accentuate their chests. In case you didn't catch the joke, the chain's logo is an image of two pointy, snow-capped mountains. And the sports bar doesn't stop there: It promises "scenic views."


'Idol's' Bikini Girl Was a Former Hooters Girl

Fans of American Idol's infamous bikini girl will hardly be surprised to learn her former profession: Hooters girl.


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