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38 At least 36 dead as fire rages through Russian psychiatric hospital

Thirty-eight people were feared dead after a fire raged through an isolated psychiatric hospital north of Moscow on Friday, killing some patients in their beds and others who were trapped by barred windows. Most of the patients died in their sleep inhaling the fumes as they were likely sedated by prescribed medicine, a police source told the RIA Novosti news agency.


'Terrible mistake': Minnesota hospital sends stillborn baby to laundry service

A Minnesota hospital apologized Wednesday after the remains of a stillborn baby boy wrapped in linens were mistaken for dirty laundry and delivered to a cleaning service.Regions Hospital officials said they were notifying the stillborn infant’s family to apologize and providing counseling to employees at the laundromat where the baby was found Tuesday.“This is a terrible mistake, and we are deeply...


Hospitals Profit From Surgical Errors, Study Finds

Since insurers pay more for patients with surgical complications, some hospitals could actually lose money by improving care, researchers said Tuesday.


Homeless man lives in hospital pretending to be a doctor

A homeless man allegedly pretended to be a doctor and used the hospital as a place to live. Norton security officers told police Patrick Campbell was dressed in scrubs, a lab coat and a surgical mask while on a "highly case sensitive" computer at the time he was caught.


Superhero window washers surprise sick children


Window washers dressed as superheroes are cheering up sick children in hospitals nationwide. They are squeegeeing out the smiles at hospitals nationwide. From Tampa to Pittsburgh, Chicago to Memphis, comic superheroes are being spotted all over the country -- and they are fighting grime.


Patients left in filth in 'dreadful' UK hospital scandal

Britons were horrified by a report released on Tuesday that documented "truly dreadful" care at an English hospital, from patients left moaning in their own waste to family members forced to bring in food.


Patient molests woman in Brooklyn ER, authorities say

A 27-year-old woman at a Brooklyn hospital was molested by a fellow patient previously convicted of sex abuse, authorities said.


Hospitals super-sizing equipment for obese patients

Health-care facilities are making accommodations to take care of their heaviest patients.


Hospitals crack down on workers refusing flu shots

Flu Shot

Patients can refuse a flu shot. Should doctors and nurses have that right, too? That is the thorny question surfacing as U.S. hospitals increasingly crack down on employees who won't get flu shots, with some workers losing their jobs over their refusal....


Nurse found dead after prank call on Catherine

The nurse who answered a hoax call to the hospital caring for Prince William's pregnant wife, Catherine, has apparently committed suicide, the hospital says.


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