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World's Most Unfriendly Countries for Tourists


Ask a traveler where you’ll find the most welcoming locals, and you’ll likely see a few nations consistently named. For example,  you’re likely to hear Australia come up a few times. Same with Ireland.


Analysis: Icelanders question their lauded economic recovery

Iceland's biggest IT company CCP is what the island needs to leave its economic crisis behind. It is global, growing and employs hundreds but its tale is also one of frustration that echoes concerns about the country's future.


Iceland votes to elect president

Icelanders vote to elect a new president, with the controversial incumbent facing a challenge from a new mother and four others.


Sky lights go wild, north and south


The solar storm that sparked so much debate this week got its second wind overnight, rewarding aurora aficionados from the Arctic to the Lower 48 to Australia. We're almost getting used to great views of the northern lights from places like Iceland (see above), Scandinavia and Russia — but last night's lights were visible from the top tier of the United States as well.


German airports reopening as ash cloud dissipates

German airports reopening as ash cloud dissipates

Meanwhile, some German airports were reopened Wednesday after cancellations due to the cloud of volcanic ash. Bremen has reopened and Hamburg is allowing takeoffs and landings, according to Deutsche Flugsicherung, the German aviation safety agency. Airports in Berlin will resume flights at 2 p.m. local time ( 8 a.m. ET).


Iceland shuts main airport after volcano eruption

Iceland shuts main airport after volcano eruption

Iceland has shut its main airport after a volcanic eruption and other airports on the island are likely to close during the day, the civil aviation authority said on Sunday.


Iceland Rejects Icesave Debt Deal

Iceland Rejects Icesave Debt Deal

Icelandic voters appeared Sunday to have rejected a government-approved deal to repay Britain and the Netherlands $5 billion for their citizens' deposits in the failed online bank Icesave.


No threat from Japanese radiation spread across US

Traces of radioactive material from the endangered Japanese nuclear plant are being detected from coast to coast in the United States and in Iceland, but amounts continue to be far below levels that would cause health problems....


Iceland elects ordinary folk to draft constitution

Iceland's getting a new constitution — and it's really going to be the voice of the people.


Iceland investigates possible US embassy spying

Iceland investigates possible US embassy spying

The government of Iceland is investigating whether the U.S. Embassy is spying on Icelandic citizens.


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