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Long Island Man Is Charged With Insurance Fraud in Faked Drowning Case

Raymond Roth

A Long Island man suspected of faking his drowning to collect more than $400000 in life insurance was arrested Wednesday and formally charged with insurance fraud, conspiracy and filing a false report.

Senh: A city wide search, father/son disputing each other's stories, dysfunctional families ... sounds like it could be a Wes Anderson or Coen brother movie.


Progressive Says It Didn’t Defend Man Who Killed Comedian’s Sister, Nationwide Did


After being subjected to an Internet firestorm of Chick-fil-A proportions, Progressive finally released a statement concerning its role in the case of a negligent driver who killed comedian Matt Fisher's sister. Fisher claimed on his Tumblr blog that Progressive defended the driver because they didn't want to pay what they owed his sister Katie. But Progressive's Claims General Manager Chris Wolf disputes Fisher's account in a statement released this afternoon.


Holly Madison insures breasts for $1M

Holly Madison insures breasts for $1M

Holly Madison is doing what's in her breast, er best, interest. The reality star recently took out a $1 million insurance policy on her breasts with Lloyd's of London insurance company, she confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively.

Senh: So what if something goes wrong with it? The insurance company will pay for another boob job?


For most Americans, Irene means insurance rate hikes - The Seattle Times

The $7 billion in estimated losses from Hurricane Irene compound the vast damage caused by weather this year. Yet, despite billions paid out for floods, tornadoes and earthquakes, big insurance companies can expect another profitable year.


Personal car-sharing takes off as states ease insurance laws

Companies introduce car-sharing services for people who need to get behind the wheel and car owners who want to make an extra buck.


States Say Life Insurers Skimp on Payouts

States are investigating whether some of America's largest life insurers are failing to ensure that they pay out policies on deceased customers, in a battle that could shift hundreds of millions of dollars to state coffers.


AIG Agrees to $725 Million Settlement of Securities Suit

American International Group Inc. agreed to pay $725 million to settle a long-running securities lawsuit alleging that the company several years ago engaged in insurance bid-rigging and inflated its stock price and insurance reserves.

Senh: If AIG were engaged in securities fraud and manipulating its stock price, shouldn't the execs be in jail? This just sounds like they paid their way out of prison. Martha Stewart got jail time for insider trading that amounted to a difference of just tens of thousands of dollars, AIG probably defrauded investors out of billions.


Tips to Save On Your Car Insurance

Almost every state requires its drivers to carry at least liability insurance coverage, and studies show that 65% of Americans are overpaying for their auto insurance.


Berkshire Book Value Gains 19.8%

A strong stock market and a steady stream of premiums from its vast insurance holdings helped Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bounce back last year from a rough 2008 but the company underperformed the broader market, results released early Saturday showed.


Dai-ichi Sets $11.8 Billion IPO

Dai-ichi Sets $11.8 Billion IPO

The Japanese insurer will seek $11.8 billion in what would be the world's largest initial public offering in nearly two years, in a move that will test renewed investor confidence in Japan's equity markets.


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