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Mali's new interim president sworn in after coup

Mali's new interim president took office Thursday, returning the country to constitutional rule three weeks after mutinous soldiers overthrew the nation's democratically elected leader in a coup.


Mali junta sees civilian government "in days"

Mali's coup leader said on Saturday the junta would hand power to an interim government within days in a deal with neighboring nations in return for an end to sanctions and help in tackling Malian rebels who have seized much of the north.


Papandreou says new interim government will secure debt deal

Greek PM George Papandreou says an agreement has been reached on the creation of an interim government that will secure the new debt deal.


Italy at breaking point, Merkel calls for "new Europe"

Italy at breaking point, Merkel calls for

Italian borrowing costs reached breaking point on Wednesday after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's insistence on elections instead of an interim government opened the way to prolonged instability and delays to long-promised economic reforms.

Senh: Europe's third largest economy is in need of a bailout that the euro zone can't afford. Holy moly. It feels like a domino effect now. First Greece, now Italy. More holes to plug. Hopefully, Italy is the last one.


Libyan leader: Interim government to be announced in a week

The head of Libya's National Transitional Council said an interim government will be announced in the coming week.


Tunisia prime minister resigns

Tunisia prime minister resigns

The prime minister of Tunisia has stepped down from the interim government, according to the country's official news agency.


Tunisian police join protesters

In Tunisia, police join demonstrators calling for the interim government to resign.


Kyrgyz Interim Leaders Struggle to Quell Unrest

Kyrgyz Interim Leaders Struggle to Quell Unrest

Kyrgyzstan's interim rulers sent troops on Tuesday to quell ethnic violence that has threatened their fragile grip on the Central Asian state after the overthrow of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.


Ousted Kyrgyz leader speaks out

Bakiyev rejects interim government's demand to step down, urges U.N. to help stabilize nation.


Kyrgyz opposition forms interim government

Kyrgyz opposition forms interim government

An opposition coalition proclaimed a new interim government Thursday in Kyrgyzstan after clashes left dozens dead nationwide ...


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