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IRS: Beware of Dirty Dozen tax scams

Tax Forms

The Internal Revenue Service has issued its annual “Dirty Dozen” tax scams list, reminding taxpayers to use caution during tax season to protect themselves against a wide range of schemes ranging from identity theft to return preparer fraud.


One Billion Served: IRS Hits Milestone

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that it has now passed the one billion mark for individual tax returns processed through its electronic filing (or e-filing) program.


The IRS may have a 2007 refund for you

Life Inc.: The Internal Revenue Service said this week that it may have as much as $1.1 billion in refunds for people who did not file a tax return in 2007.

Senh: 2007? Who's gonna remember?


IRS won't be mailing out tax forms next year

IRS won't be mailing out tax forms next year

Don't look for tax forms and instructions in your mailbox next year. The Internal Revenue Service has decided to stop mailing them because so many people now file electronically.


Nonprofits may lose tax-exempt status

More than 200,000 small nonprofits across the nation are days away from losing their tax-exempt status because they haven't filed a new form with the Internal Revenue Service.


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