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IE6 is alive and well and China is to blame

The most recent statistics according to the IE6 Countdown shows that the world as a whole is at 10.9% usage on IE6. The United States, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK are at the top (bottom) of the list with under 3% of overall browsers running as IE6. Norway leads everyone at 0.4% and their neighbors in Finland are at 0.8%.


YouTube Puts Another Nail in the IE6 Coffin

We have to say, you know the end is near when entire countries advise its citizens to move on, but the final kicker comes when Google says that after this date, it will no longer support the browser that's been with us for nearly a decad


Microsoft Engineers' Response to Diggers' Calls to Kill IE6

The topic of site support for IE6 has had a lot of discussion on the web recently as a result of a post on Digg. Why would anyone run an eight-year old browser? Should sites continue to support it?


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