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Morgan Stanley Fined $5 Million on Facebook IPO

Massachusetts' securities regulator fined Morgan Stanley $5 million over its handling of Facebook's IPO, saying investment bankers had "improper influence" over the research analysts covering Facebook.


Goldman Sachs Earnings Q2 2012: Goldman's Profit Falls

Goldman Sachs says its net income fell 11 percent in the April-to-June period after the investment bank's clients made fewer deals and avoided volatility in global financial markets. The New York bank said its net income fell to $962 million, or $1.78 per share, for the quarter. That compares with $1.09 billion, or $1.85 per share, a year ago. It's also far more than the $1.17 per share that analysts were expecting.


Report: JPMorgan trading losses may reach $9B

Shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co. tumbled in premarket trading Thursday as a published report said that the bank's losses on a bad trade may reach as much as $9 billion - far higher than the estimated $2 billion loss disclosed last month.


Analysis: How Morgan Stanley sank to junk pricing

The bond markets are treating Morgan Stanley like a junk-rated company, and the investment bank's higher borrowing costs could already be putting it at a disadvantage even before an expected ratings downgrade this month.


Exec: Goldman officials called clients 'muppets'

Goldman Sachs

An executive resigning from the investment bank Goldman Sachs says other executives there referred to clients as "muppets." Greg Smith wrote a blistering essay about the company that was published Wednesday in The New York Times.


DealBook: Ex-Lehman Officials to Pay $90 Million to Settle Suit

The Lehman executives and directors are accused a shareholder lawsuit of misleading investors about the investment bank's health in the months leading up to its collapse.


Goldman may release papers to counter report

Goldman may release papers to counter report

Goldman Sachs Group Inc could release documents to counter a Senate subcommittee report that said the bank misled clients about mortgage-linked securities, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.


Goldman gets subpoenaed over financial crisis

Goldman gets subpoenaed over financial crisis

Goldman Sachs Group received a subpoena from New York prosecutors seeking information on the investment bank's role leading into the global financial crisis, a person familiar with the matter said.


Wall Street Pay on Pace for Record High

Pay on Wall Street is on pace to break a record high for a second consecutive year, according to a study conducted by The Wall Street Journal.

About three dozen of the top publicly held securities and investment-services firms—which include banks, investment banks, hedge funds, money-management firms and securities exchanges—are set to pay $144 billion in compensation and benefits this year, a 4 percent increase from the $139 billion paid out in 2009, according to the survey. Compensation was expected to rise at 26 of the 35 firms.


Goldman Sachs e-mails show bank sought to profit from housing downturn

Goldman Sachs e-mails show bank sought to profit from housing downturn

A Senate investigation into the financial crisis has found that Goldman Sachs, the storied Wall Street investment bank, sought to profit from the historic decline in housing prices by betting against the US mortgage market.


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