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Wall Street betting billions on single-family homes in distressed markets

Big investors are pouring unprecedented amounts of money into real estate hard hit by the housing crash, bringing those moribund markets back to life but raising the prospect of another Wall Street-fueled bubble that won’t be sustainable.


Investors Accuse Bank Of America Of Continuing Countrywide’s Bad Practices

Most of the $40 billion Bank of America has set aside to pay out over the mortgage meltdown can be blamed on malfeasance at Countrywide Financial. But some investors say that BofA’s hands are not totally clean in this mess — and that the bank has gotten off too easy thus far.


Major investors to fiscal cliff doomsayers: Chill out

The "fiscal cliff" sounds like a scary place. Headlines about "taxmaggeddon" are flashing on TV screens, next to clocks ticking down to Jan. 1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has skidded more than 7 percent over the last month, largely due to concerns about the standoff in Congress over how to stop a barrage of tax hikes and spending cuts. But some major investors say the doomsayers are getting too much attention and cliff watchers should relax a bit.


Investors put money into more tangible assets: Art. Wine. Winnie-the-Pooh?

How is your portfolio doing since the 2008 financial crisis? If you’re like most Americans, it’s probably healed some. After all, stocks are up about 13 percent since October 2008. Bonds are up about 30 percent. “Winnie-the-Pooh” is doing a bit better. A 1926 first-edition copy of the fabled children’s classic can fetch nearly four times what it did in 2008 — a return of almost 300 percent.


Many small banks still struggle to repay TARP

Small Banks

Small banks still owe $11 billion of taxpayer money under TARP, and the government is threatening to unload its stakes in them at big discounts to new investors. Nearly four years after Washington bailed out Wall Street, small banks have yet to repay $11 billion of taxpayer money.


Fed to Start Publicly Forecasting Its Rate Actions

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve will begin later this month to publish a forecast of its own actions, inaugurating a policy that is intended to magnify the power of those actions by shaping the expectations of investors.


Morgan Stanley says warned on $6 billion mortgage debt

Morgan Stanley said a group of investors believes the bank may have sold defective mortgage bonds contained in more than $6 billion of trusts, signaling that it may face litigation over its involvement.


Citigroup agrees to pay $285M to investors for negligence, SEC says

Federal regulators charged a Citigroup unit with negligence Wednesday, saying it misled investors about an investment product it used to bet against them as the housing market deteriorated. Citigroup agreed to pay a settlement of $285 million, which will be distributed to investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission said.


Employment report may not calm wild Wall Street

Investors hoping for relief from the tumultuous market swings of the past few months should double up on antacid and hang on: Economists predict more gyrations in the days and weeks ahead.


JPMorgan, BofA sued over mortgage debt losses

JPMorgan Chase & Co and Bank of America Corp were hit with new lawsuits by investors seeking to recover losses on $4.5 billion of soured mortgage debt, expanding the litigation targeting the two largest U.S. banks.


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