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Iowa GOP to review caucuses

After an embarrassing vote count this year, the Iowa Republican Party is set to review what went wrong in the first-in-the-nation caucuses.


Is It Fair That One Candidate Has A Lot More Money to Spend Than The Other?

Restore Our Future Super PAC

Newt Gingrich lost the Florida primary to Mitt Romney, after initially leading in the polls after his South Carolina win. Gingrich’s numbers spiraled down soon afterwards. Romney had been favored to not just win in Floriday but also by a large margin, so his victory is not surprising.

I was reading two articles about the Florida primary outcome. One from LA Times and the other from the Washington Post. The thing that stuck out at me was how much more money Romney had to spent on television attack ads than Gingrich.


Iowa Caucus Results 2012: Final Vote Count Could Show Rick Santorum Won, Not Mitt Romney

Iowa Caucuses: Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum

A final count of votes from the 2012 Iowa Caucus may show that Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum actually won over rival Mitt Romney. Romney was initially declared the winner of the Iowa Caucus, beating Santorum by a razor-thin margin of eight votes. However, certification of the caucus results -- a process that began the day after the caucus and will wrap up by the end of this week -- could show that Santorum was the official winner, the Washington Examiner reports.


After New Hampshire’s 2012 primary, Mitt Romney may face long, hard slog

Mitt Romney is poised to clock an easy victory here Tuesday, accomplishing a historic feat by winning back-to-back contests here and in Iowa and putting himself on a glide path to his party’s nomination. The trouble for Romney is, his rivals don’t quite see things that way.


Romney attacked from all sides

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney faced attacks from both sides after squeaking a record narrow victory in Iowa, with New Hampshire's leading newspaper Thursday urging Republicans to back his rival Newt Gingrich and President Barack Obama's re-election campaign training its sights on him.

Senh: All eyes are on Mitt Romney now. Let's see if he can take the spotlight.


Perry tweets, `Here we come South Carolina'

Rick Perry

A determined Rick Perry announced Wednesday he will not abandon his presidential campaign despite a fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses....

Senh: These Republican flip-floppers need to make up their minds. Just yesterday, Rick Perry suspended his campaign. I'm guessing now that Michele Bachmann has official withdrawn from the gop race, he figured he'll stay.


Gingrich launches anti-Romney campaign

Why didn't Newt Gingrich praise Mitt Romney for his squeaker win in Iowa, when he spoke warmly of Rick Santorum, who came within a handful of votes of the top spot? "Other than the fact that Governor Romney ran a relentlessly negative campaign of falsehoods, which earned one of his ads four Pinocchios from the Washington Post?" Gingrich said at a news conference Wednesday. "The fact is, three out of four Republicans rejected him. Governor Romney is a moderate Massachusetts Republican to the left of the vast majority of Republicans. I find it amazing that the media continues to say he's the most electable Republican when he can't even break out in his own party.

Senh: Newt Gingrich should have listened to his aides when they advised him to fight back against the negative ads that Romney's supporters put up shortly before and during the Iowa Caucuses. It's about time he fought back. It might be a little late, though.


The Caucus: Bachmann Says She Will Not Continue in the Race

Michele Bachmann

Of the candidates who competed in Iowa, Mrs. Bachmann placed last, but vowed to go on to South Carolina. But on Wednesday, she changed directions and said that she would not continue campaigning.


Iowa caucuses ending in virtual tie between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

Iowa Caucuses

In the closest finish in the history of the Iowa caucuses, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were locked in a virtual dead heat in the first battle for the Republican presidential nomination... Ron Paul, nearly doubling his Iowa vote from 2008, was a close third.

Senh: Edit: Looks like Mitt Romney won by a narrrow margin. Rick Santorum. Where were you hiding all this time. This is complete shocker. Ron Paul is respectable in his third place finish. He and Santorum had the least amount of media coverage, and yet they placed so high in the results.


Rick Perry suspending campaign after disappointing finish in Iowa caucuses

After a disappointing finish in Tuesday's Iowa caucuses, Rick Perry is suspending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.


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