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Wikileaks To Disclose U.S. Tax Cheats ??? And the IRS Is All Ears

Can the same government that condemns Wikileaks for the disclosure of confidential information also accept information from that organization for the purpose of pursuing legal action? My assumption is “yes”. After all the government has used information from convicted felons to convict others. The government could also wait and let other media outlets, like Forbes, provide the names of the presumed guilty so that they can claim the information did not come directly from Wikileaks.


IRS extends filing deadline for taxes to April 18

IRS extends filing deadline for taxes to April 18


House ethics trial opens for Charles Rangel

Rep. Charles Rangel of New York headed the House s tax-writing committee but acknowledged shortchanging the Internal Revenue ...


Lamar Odom Seeks Tax Deduction For NBA Fines and Fitness Fees

Playing upon a different court, Los Angeles Lakers basketball forward Lamar Odom has sued the Internal Revenue Service, which said he couldn’t take tax deductions for $12,000 in sports fines and another $178,000 spent getting himself in shape.


Mothers Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up to be Innocent Spouses

Suppose that wife does not work in 2010, or that she works but has enough income tax withheld and remitted to taxing authorities to cover income tax on here income. Husband, on the other hand, has $400,000 of self-employment income in 2010. Having paid no estimated taxes, husband now owes $160,000 in Federal and State taxes on his income.


IRS won't be mailing out tax forms next year

IRS won't be mailing out tax forms next year

Don't look for tax forms and instructions in your mailbox next year. The Internal Revenue Service has decided to stop mailing them because so many people now file electronically.


Biden's 2008 campaign told: Pay $219K to Treasury

Election watchdogs have directed Joe Biden's 2008 presidential campaign to pay the U.S Treasury more than $219,000 to resolve issues caused by sloppy bookkeeping and accepting excessive contributions, including a discounted flight on a private jet.


Nonprofits may lose tax-exempt status

More than 200,000 small nonprofits across the nation are days away from losing their tax-exempt status because they haven't filed a new form with the Internal Revenue Service.


Average tax refund jumps by 10%

Average tax refund jumps by 10%

Many Americans will see a bigger check from the IRS this year, thanks to a boost in tax benefits.


Nicolas Cage will pay IRS $14 million

Nicolas Cage is determined to get his financial house in order and to pay the IRS all that he owes in back taxes.


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