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Obama's birther joke draws laughs in Florida

Birther jokes? Even President Barack Obama is cracking them — he got some chuckles at a Florida sports bar and grill on Saturday... Told that one blond-haired youngster, Andre Wupperman, was born in Hawaii, Obama grinned. "Do you have a birth certificate?" Obama asked the boy, drawing laughter from the table. Wupperman, who lives in Orlando, turns 7 next week.


South Korean 'joke' may lead to prison

Everyone's made a joke they thought was funny only to see it fall flat, but Park Jung-geun's attempt at humor could see him jailed for up to seven years in South Korea. Park, a photographer by profession, re-tweeted some messages from North Korea's official twitter feed, such as reports on the late leader Kim Jong Il's travels across the country and negative tweets about South Korea.

Senh: Seven years in jail for a retweet? Damn.


Palin accepts Letterman apology

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has accepted David Letterman’s apology on making a bad joke about her 14-year-old daughter.


David Letterman - Sarah Palin Joke "Flawed"

David Letterman - Sarah Palin Joke

David Letterman apologized on Monday for making a sexually charged joke about one of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's teenage daughters, as a group of Palin supporters planned a rally demanding the late-night TV show host be fired.

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Palin Says Letterman "Crossed the Line," Rejects "Convenient" Apology

Matt Lauer can't seem to catch a break: First, a certain couch-hopping A-lister called him glib. Now, according to Sarah Palin, he's "extremely naive."


Letterman vs. Palin: It's On!

It all started on Monday when David Letterman told some off-color jokes about Alaskan governor Sarah Palin and her daughter. Dave made some cracks about one of the Palin girls having to fend off Eliot Spitzer and getting knocked up by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a recent trip to the Big Apple.


Sarah Palin attacks David Letterman over 'sexually-perverted' joke

Sarah Palin attacks David Letterman over 'sexually-perverted' joke

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is on the offensive against 'Late Night' host David Letterman for an off-color joke he made about her daughter and Alex Rodriguez.


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