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Judge declares mistrial in Clemens perjury case

A judge declared a mistrial on Thursday in the perjury trial of baseball pitching great Roger Clemens because the lead prosecutor gave jurors information that had been barred from the courtroom.


Casey Anthony verdict could haunt jurors

Jurors who acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her 2-year-old daughter are likely to be confronted with their unpopular decision by their families, co-workers and neighbors for years ...


Casey Anthony could go free after 3 years in jail

A case that involved years of forensic investigation, weeks of often highly technical testimony and untold hours of media analysis turned out to be pretty straightforward for the jurors weighing whether Casey Anthony killed her toddler daughter.


Being on home invasion jury 'took toll'

Jurors who convicted a man of three murders in a 2007 Connecticut home invasion and recommended he be put to death for his crimes said Tuesday that serving on the case changed their lives -- and took an emotional and sometimes physical toll.


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