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Offline parenting: Why some parents don't post anything about their kids


No baby photos in the status update, no "my kid said the cutest thing" tweets. Some parents are responding to concerns about privacy and safety by keeping their children's photos and stories offline, totally.


Fan Sites for Pop Stars Settle Children’s Privacy Charges

Selena Gomez Fansite

The operator of Web sites for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and others agreed to pay a $1 million civil penalty to settle federal charges that it had illegally collected information about thousands of young children.


Islamists in Mali recruit, pay for child soldiers

Islamists in northern Mali have recruited and paid for as many as 1,000 children from rural towns and villages devastated by poverty and hunger. The Associated Press spoke with four children and conducted several dozen interviews with residents and human rights officials. The AP also saw several other children with machine guns half their size strolling down the streets in Timbuktu, where Westerners can no longer go because of the threat of kidnapping.


Should there be child-free zones on planes?

Flight Quiet Zones

An airline says it will offer baby-free "quiet zones" on its flights. Should all planes and trains follow suit, or do adults need to learn to live with child passengers? At 35,000ft, the klaxon-like howl of a distressed toddler screeches through a pressurised cabin.


Five-year-olds put to the test as kindergarten exams gain steam

With school in full swing across the United States, the littlest students are getting used to the blocks table and the dress-up corner - and that staple of American public education, the standardized test.

Senh: Tests for kids in kindergarten? Whatever happened to let kids be kids?


Toys 'R' Us Sued Over Kid-Targeted Tablet


A child-focused software developer on Monday accused Toys "R" Us of stealing its strategy for selling an Android-powered computer tablet for kids.


How to tell the kids about death

How to explain the loss of a pet to your child.


Microsoft's Kinect offers kids the chance to interact with 'Sesame Street'

Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the 'Sesame Street' crew have always talked to kids. Now, they'll try to have a two-way conversation with their pint-sized audience using Kinect, the motion and voice-sensing controller created by Microsoft.


Study links chemical BPA to obesity in children, teens

BPA & Childhood Obesity

Kids with higher levels of the widely used substance BPA in their bodies are more likely to be obese, according to the first large-scale, nationally representative study to link an environmental chemical with obesity in children and teens.


CDC: US kids eat too much salt, as much as adults

American children eat as much salt as adults - about 1,000 milligrams too much, or the same amount as in just one Big Mac. Extra salt is linked with higher blood pressure, even in kids, but government research says those who are overweight and obese may be most vulnerable to its effects....


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