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A $2.5 Million Libel Judgment Brings the Question: Are Bloggers Journalists?

Crystal Cox Blogging Lawsuit

That was the headline on a conservative blog following a $2.5 million judgment this month against blogger Crystal Cox in a defamation case tried in federal court in Oregon. It’s a case followed closely in both the blogosphere and in the traditional media, as it highlights the proliferation of blogging, the blurring of lines between journalists and bloggers and more libel cases born out of blog posts.


DSK accuser sues NY Post for "prostitute" report

DSK accuser sues NY Post for

The hotel maid who accused former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault sued the New York Post and five of its journalists for libel on Tuesday for reporting that she was a prostitute.


ESPN Basketball Reporter Sues New York Post Columnist For Libel

In a move that amounts to a journalistic foul, an ESPN reporter has sued a New York Post columnist for libel. Chris Sheridan, a basketball writer for ESPN, sued basketball columnist Peter Vecsey and NYP Holdings, claiming they “published a maliciously false article” that impugned “Chris Sheridan’s veracity and competence as a journalist.”


Courtney Love's $430,000 Tweets

The Courtney Love Twitter-libel saga has finally come to an end — an ending with six figures. According to the AP, Love will pay $430,000 to settle a libel lawsuit brought against her by designer Dawn Simorangkir, a.k.a. “the Boudoir Queen.”


New Hazards For Book Reviewers

New Hazards For Book Reviewers

In a bizarre story in The New York Times, Adam Liptak reports that a court in Paris will shortly decide whether a law professor in New York committed criminal libel by publishing a book review.


Amanda Knox's parents indicted for libel in Italy

Amanda Knox's parents indicted for libel in Italy

The parents of Amanda Knox, an American student convicted of murder in Italy, were ordered Tuesday to stand trial for alleging that Italian police abused their daughter, a lawyer and media reports said....


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