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Feel-good tale: Man gets $7M lottery ticket in get-well card

A Pennsylvania man recovering from surgery has won $7 million off a lottery ticket tucked into his get-well card.

Senh: Although both he and his wife said they would keep their jobs, I wonder for how long.


What New Powerball Winner Plans to Buy

Marie Holmes, Powerball Winner

Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old single mother from North Carolina who was one of three $188 million winners of a $564 million jackpot, says she ran outside and screamed when she realized she won.

Senh: She seems to be well grounded. She said she'll take care of her family first, travel, and then go back to school. Those are good priorities. Saying no to her family, relatives, friends, and strangers will probably be her biggest challenge.


Long lines as Powerball arrives in California

Powerball - LA Times

When America got Powerball fever last November, Californians felt left out. Many asked friends in other states to buy tickets, and some even drove to the Arizona border when the jackpot for the multistate game reached $587.5 million. On Monday, Californians no longer had to worry about crossing state lines, because Powerball finally came to the state. Lottery die-hards lined up all across California for their 1-in-175-million chance to win.


Video: $1M lotto shared with new worker

Twelve co-workers won the lottery, and they included an employee who didn't contribute when splitting the winnings.


Winner of $338 million Powerball jackpot owes $29,000 in child support

Pedro Quezada claimed the fourth-largest Powerball jackpot in history on Tuesday – and now the Passaic County Probation Department wants a slice.The 44-year-old former bodega owner owes $29,000 in child support and has an outstanding warrant in his name, according to a statement issued by Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.


Woman sits out office Powerball pool — and coworkers win

It’s a lottery nightmare: You decide not to kick in for the office Powerball pool — and your coworkers strike it rich. It happened at a real estate agency in Florida. Jennifer Maldonado, who started working at the firm two weeks ago and had yet to receive a paycheck, opted out of the $20 buy-in because she was watching her money. She showed up for work Sunday to find the rest of the office screaming, hugging and crying.


'VERY HAPPY': New Jersey Family Man Claims $388M Powerball

Powerball Jackpot - Fox News

The winner of a $338 million Powerball jackpot told several media outlets Monday that his first priority will be helping his family. Pedro Quezada, 44, entered Eagle Liquors store, where the ticket was sold, late Monday afternoon. The Passaic store owner ran Quezada's ticket through the lottery machine to validate that it was a winner as a newspaper and television outlets recorded the moment.


Powerball mystery: Officials say winner has yet to claim big prize


New Jersey lottery officials announced Monday that the winner of one of the largest Powerball drawings in history -- $338 million -- has yet to come forward.The newly-minted multi-millionaire bought the lucky ticket at Eagle Liquors in Passaic, N.J., according to Carole Hedinger, executive director of the New Jersey Lottery. 


$1 million! Three friends honor long-time pact to split lottery winnings

Powerball Lottery Winners - NBC News

All for one, and $1 million for all. Three long-time chums who made a pact to split the pot if one of them ever won the lottery got their payday last week, Georgia Lottery officials announced on Thursday. And to top it all, the threesome’s windfall was foretold by an after-dinner treat.


Cyanide killed $1M lottery winner, authorities confirm

Medical examiners in Chicago have confirmed that cyanide poisoning killed a man just as he was about to collect on a $1 million instant lottery ticket. Additional tests on the blood of the man, Urooj Khan, confirmed the earlier finding, Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Cina told reporters Friday. He said that coronary artery disease was a contributing factor.


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