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Baby X-rayed in luggage; 2 charged

Baby X-Rayed in Luggage

An Egyptian couple has been charged with putting their child at risk and attempted smuggling after security officers at an airport in the United Arab Emirates found their 5-month-old boy hidden in a small handbag.

Senh: The good news is that the baby is ok, but jeez. The wife should have slapped some sense into her idiot husband.


Mishandled bag rates drop, but cabin tensions remain

According to a new report, the total number of mishandled bags worldwide dropped sharply last year. Soime passengers, however, believe airlines have moved the problem from the cargo hold to the cabin.


4 TSA agents fired for failing to properly screen bags


Four Transportation Security Administration agents are out of a job and a dozen more may be fired after the agency says they failed to properly screen checked luggage at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport.


TSA to fire ‘Get your freak on girl’ screener

TSA to fire ‘Get your freak on girl’ screener

The Transportation Security Administration says it plans to fire the screener who left a note in the luggage of a female passenger. A message posted on the agency’s blog late Thursday said, “TSA has completed its investigation of this matter, and has initiated action to remove the individual from federal service.”

Senh: Yes, some women do use sex toys, but at least make it seem like you didn't notice it.


Man who checked loaded gun in baggage at LAX may face charges

The Los Angeles city attorney's office will decide whether to bring charges against a man who packed a loaded gun in his checked luggage en route from Los Angeles to Portland on Sunday, officials said.


TSA nabs passenger with 7 weapons

TSA nabs passenger with 7 weapons

A passenger with seven prohibited items in his checked luggage — four pair of brass knuckles, two stun gun flashlights and a sword — was arrested Tuesday at a New York airport.


Part of New York's JFK airport evacuated: spokesman

A busy terminal in New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport was reopened on Monday after a partial evacuation prompted by an unattended bag was found, according to a spokesman for American Airlines.


Delta Lets Fliers Track Bags

Delta Lets Fliers Track Bags

Delta has started letting passengers track the whereabouts of their checked bags, making it the first major carrier to offer such a service.


Don King Stopped In Airport For Ammo In Luggage

Don King Stopped In Airport For Ammo In Luggage

Boxing promoter Don King was stopped by security at Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport for having ammunition in his carry-on luggage.Hopkins Airport spokeswoman Jacqueline Mayo says the 79-year-old King was stopped by members of the Transportation Safety Administration on Sunday night. She says King had ammunition for .38-caliber and .357-caliber firearms in his bag.


Man claims explosives, flight diverted

An American citizen on a flight from Paris to Atlanta claimed to have a fake passport and said he had explosives in his luggage, forcing federal air marshals to intervene and the plane to land in Maine, US officials said Tuesday.


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