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For a Lung Cancer, Drug Treatment May Be Within Reach

Lung Cancer

A comprehensive study of the genetics of a common lung cancer finds that more than half the tumors have mutations that might be treated by drugs that are already in the pipeline or that could be developed.


Joe Paterno, revered coach tainted by scandal, dies

Joe Paterno Dies

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, the winningest coach in major college football history who was fired in November over a child sexual abuse scandal involving an assistant that rocked America, died on Sunday of lung cancer.


Joe Paterno listed in serious condition

Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno, being treated for lung cancer, is in serious condition, a family spokesman said Saturday.


Joe Paterno has lung cancer

Penn State's former coach has a treatable form of lung cancer, his son says. Paterno was fired last week after a former assistant was charged with abusing children.


Adult smoking rate edges down slightly: CDC data

Adult smoking rate edges down slightly: CDC data

A new government report shows fewer U.S. adults are smoking, and those who light up are smoking fewer cigarettes daily. But the trend is weaker than the government had hoped....


How Dogs Beat Doctors in Identifying Early-Stage Lung Cancer

How Dogs Beat Doctors in Identifying Early-Stage Lung Cancer

With a little training, your dog could have a promising future as a biochemist. A new study in the European Respitory Journal shows that dogs are better at sniffing out the early markers of lung cancer than the latest medical technologies at our disposal. Lung cancer is the second most frequent form of cancer in ...


Morning smokers may be at higher cancer risk

Smokers who light up right after they wake up in the morning may be at greater risk for lung, head and neck cancers than those who wait long ...


Giving Oral Sex Could Lead to Lung Cancer

Giving oral sex could lead to lung cancer—if you skip the HPV vaccination. Researchers with the International Agency for Research on Cancer compared the HPV antibodies of lung cancer patients to those of cancer-free patients. The findings: Having HPV was associated with more than a 30 percent increased risk for lung cancer.


$152 million awarded in smoking suit

$152 million awarded in smoking suit

A Massachusetts court Thursday added $81 million in punitive damages to $71 million in compensatory damages it had already awarded to the family of a woman who died of lung cancer.


CT scans of smokers can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20%, study reports

Advanced CT imaging can reduce deaths from lung cancer by 20% among heavy smokers, according to long-awaited results from the first comparison of CT scanning and regular chest X-rays, researchers said Thursday.


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