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Malaysian Troops Kill 31 Filipinos and Reject Talks

Malaysian security forces killed 31 Filipino gunmen on the island of Borneo, officials said Thursday, and the government rejected calls by the United Nations for an end to the fighting.


Malaysia troops find 13 bodies, hunt gunmen after Sabah assault

Malaysian security forces found 13 bodies of suspected Philippine militants as they expanded their hunt for an elusive armed group on the island of Borneo on Wednesday, a day after an assault with fighter jets, mortars and hundreds of troops.


Beijing Reasserts Its Claims in South China Sea

China recently established a larger army garrison and expanded the size of an ostensible legislature to govern a speck of land, known as Yongxing Island, more than 200 miles southeast of Hainan. The goal of that move, Mr. Wu said, is to allow Beijing to “exercise sovereignty over all land features inside the South China Sea,” including more than 40 islands “now occupied illegally” by Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.


Tear gas used as 25,000 rally for Malaysia reforms

Malaysian Protest

Malaysian police fired tear gas and chemical-laced water Saturday at thousands of demonstrators demanding an overhaul in electoral policies they call biased ahead of national polls expected soon....


Casino plans sprout in US as states seek revenue

A Malaysian company's plan to build a $4 billion convention center and big-time casino on the outskirts of New York City could be the biggest shot fired yet in a tourism arms race that has seen ...


2 Pakistan Airlines flights get bomb threats

Two flights operated by Pakistan's state-owned airline received bombs threats on Wednesday, and both landed safely, one in Turkey, the other in Malaysia, officials said....


Malaysia fires tear gas at protest, arrests 1,667

Police fired tear gas and detained hundreds of activists as more than 20,000 demonstrators massed Saturday across Malaysia's main city demanding electoral reforms in the country's biggest political rally in years....


Malaysia to lockdown largest city to block protest

Malaysia to lockdown largest city to block protest

Malaysian police say they will shut major roads and suspend public transportation into Kuala Lumpur to block a rally by opposition-backed ac ...


URGENT: Malaysian Man Holds 30 Kids, Teachers Hostage in Kindergarten

A man carrying a machete barged into a Malaysian kindergarten and held children and teachers hostage for six tense hours Thursday before police shot him in the head. Police said the 30 children and four teachers were not harmed.


Malaysia 'obedient wives' club: Good sex is a duty

Malaysia 'obedient wives' club: Good sex is a duty

As a new bride, 22-year-old Ummu Atirah believes she knows the secret to a blissful marriage: obey her husband and ensure he is sexually satisfied....


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