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5 people shot to death in small Illinois town

Five people are dead and one injured as a result of a shooting in the tiny southern Illinois town of Manchester, the mayor confirmed in a television interview on Wednesday."We got five confirmed fatalities, one wounded and in the hospital, and the shooter's been apprehended," Mayor Ronald Drake said in an interview on the St. Louis Fox television station.


NBA announces comprehensive global games schedule for 2013-14 preseason

The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that eight NBA teams will take part in a comprehensive global games schedule that will include a total of eight games in six countries this October. The games will include the first-ever NBA preseason games to be held in Brazil and the Philippines, and in the cities of Bilbao, Spain and Manchester, England.


Obama heckled in New Hampshire

Obama heckled in New Hampshire

It's become a periodic sight: hecklers interrupting a speech by President Obama. This time, followers of the Occupy Wall Street movement began yelling at the president today as he began his speech in Manchester, N.H.

Senh: I thought Obama handled it as well as anyone can in that situation. He waited patiently and let the protesters voice their opinions, allowed them to calm down, and then he went on with his speech. It's helps that his supporters started chanting his name and drowned out the protesters.


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