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Italy's Monti launches campaign

Italy's caretaker Prime Minister, Mario Monti, promises to cut labour taxes in an interview seen as the launch of his election campaign.


Italy leftist PM candidate Bersani tops opinion poll, Monti second

Italy Elections

Centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani is favorite among Italians to lead the next government, with outgoing technocrat Prime Minister Mario Monti second most popular and Silvio Berlusconi coming a close third, a poll showed on Sunday.


Monti urges debate on Italy election as rivals open fire

Outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti posted his reform agenda online on Monday, urging Italians to join a debate on their country's future as potentially bitter election campaign gets underway two months before Italy goes to polls.


Berlusconi offers to support Monti as candidate for premier

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi said on Wednesday he would withdraw as a candidate in Italy's coming election if outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti ran as the head of a "moderate" coalition.


EU pushes more moves to stem debt crisis

Eurozone Crisis

European Union officials pushed on Saturday to accelerate moves to stem the bloc's long debt crisis as Italian premier Mario Monti warned that economic suffering was fuelling divisive nationalism on the continent.


Italian PM sees end of crisis getting closer

Mario Monti

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said on Sunday the end of the economic crisis in his country was in sight and that the euro zone must not let the single currency become a source of friction between the north and south in the bloc.


Italy's Mass Protest: Tens Of Thousands Rally Against Cuts, Hikes, Reforms

Tens of thousands of Italian workers rallied in Rome on Saturday to protest pension cuts, tax hikes and labor reforms imposed by the government of Mario Monti and to demand more stable work, particularly for the young. The demonstration organized by Italy's main labor unions came a day after Monti's latest effort to stave off contagion from Europe's debt crisis. His Cabinet on Friday approved measures worth (EURO)80 billion ($100 billion) to spur economic growth, streamline the notoriously bloated public sector and lower the national debt.


Italy shifts priority from austerity to growth

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti declared on Wednesday that reviving economic growth now had to take priority over belt tightening that could plunge the country deeper into recession.


Monti forms new Italian govt with no politicians

Monti forms new Italian govt with no politicians

Economist Mario Monti formed a new Italian government without a single politician Wednesday, drawing from the ranks of bankers, diplomats and business executives to make sure Italy escapes looming financial disaster....

Senh: Nice. Politicians in America have been pretty useless. Let's how a government without them can do. It's unique and bold move.


Italy's new premier Mario Monti moves forward with new gov't

Italy's new premier Mario Monti moves forward with new gov't

Italy's premier-designate Mario Monti began talks Monday to create a new government tasked with overhauling an ailing economy.


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