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Court temporarily blocks Penney from selling Martha Stewart goods

A New York appeals judge on Tuesday stopped J.C. Penney from selling certain Martha Stewart goods until Thursday, when he is expected to decide whether to extend the block while an appeal from Macy's Inc is pending.


Interim Martha Stewart Ruling Favors J.C. Penney

A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the retailer could at least temporarily sell Martha Stewart-designed housewares under the JCP Everyday label.


Martha Stewart to testify in trial over her brand

Eight years after Martha Stewart was released from prison for lying about a stock trade, the home diva is now facing another legal mess that may not be easy to clean up. Stewart, 71, took the stand in New York State Supreme Court Tuesday morning. She is at the center of a bitter legal battle between two of the nation's largest retailers - Macy's Inc. and J.C. Penney Co.


Martha Stewart Pares Magazines

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia said it will close its Whole Living magazine and move its Everyday Food publication to an all-digital format to cut costs and emphasis digital and mobile platforms.


Martha Stewart Living Second-Quarter Loss Narrows

The company reports a swing to an operating profit in its broadcasting unit despite lower revenue, but warns that its return to overall profitability may be delayed.


Macy's Sues Martha Stewart Living

Macy's sued Martha Stewart Living to block a new licensing agreement with rival J.C. Penney, saying the agreement violated its own exclusive arrangement with the brand.


Dog headbutt sends Martha Stewart to hospital

Dog headbutt sends Martha Stewart to hospital

Martha Stewart was sent to the emergency room on Tuesday night after one of her beloved dogs left the domestic diva with a cut on her face.


Aunt accused of stabbing young nieces

A woman has been accused of stabbing her nieces while baby-sitting them at their home across the street from Martha Stewart's residence in an upscale New York community.

Senh: Jeez, you just can't trust anyone nowadays with your kids. Terrible. Way to drag Martha Stewart into this tragedy.


Martha Stewart Calls Sarah Palin 'Boring And Dangerous' (VIDEO)

By now everyone is getting a word in on Sarah Palin, including Martha Stewart, who used some tough language to describe Palin. Stewart made it clear to CNN HLN's Showbiz Tonight producer Jenny D'Attoma that she's not a big fan: "She's very boring to me, very boring. And a very, to me, kind of a dangerous person. I mean, she's dangerous. She speaks, she's, she's so confused. And anyone like that in government is a real problem."


Paltrow Plans To Be Martha

Paltrow Plans To Be Martha

An inside source tells FOX411 that Gwyneth Paltrow has secret plans to shift her public image and become the next Martha Stewart. She wants to create her own lifestyle brands for women and families and cut back to doing one movie per year. Husband and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin has even dubbed Gwyneth's appointments to plan her takeover of the lifestyle sector her "Martha Stewart meetings"!


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