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Zippers send thousands of men to ER each year

There's Something About Mary

An estimated 17,616 people wound up in U.S. emergency rooms between 2002 and 2012 because they caught their genitals, almost always penises, in zippers, according to a new study.


Men's Sexual Health And The Male Orgasm: What You Didn't Know

Jokes and teasing aside, the male orgasm is a seriously fascinating subject. 1. In most cases, they will outlast yours. On average, men experience about 22 seconds of mind-numbing bliss, which is four seconds longer than the typical female orgasm. Surprised? Again, those are averages: Each orgasm is different, and some can involve bonus thrills, while others seem to be over in a New York minute (i.e. less than 18 to 22 seconds). Regularly practicing Kegel exercises can buy both genders a few extra seconds of pleasure, says Kristen Mark, Ph.D., a sex and relationships researcher and assistant professor at the University of Kentucky.


Women are from Pinterest, Men are from Google+?

Google Plus / Pinterest

I’m sure you’ve all seen the gaudy statistics when it comes to the gender split of Pinterest’s following – anything ranging from 72% to a staggering 97% of its user base has been reported as female.


Health roundup: New hope for male pill

The long search for a male birth control pill is not over -- but researchers say they have a promising new lead. The researchers were testing a cancer drug in mice when they found it was able to temporarily stop sperm production.


Dads Are Taking Over as Full-Time Parents

Stay-at-Home Dads

In the last decade, the number of men who have left the work force entirely to raise children has more than doubled, according to recent United States census data.


Market booms for men's cosmetics — but don't call it makeup

Men's Cosmetics

Retailers angling to attract men have come up with a variety of skin-care products with creatively masculine names, packaged in cigar boxes and containers mimicking liquor bottles.


Many dads struggle to balance work, family

Work Family Balance

Balancing career and home has long been a hot topic for women. But many young dads taking a bigger role in the household are finding they are less prepped for the juggling act.


Scientists Discover a Possible Key to Reversing Baldness

Researchers at Yale have discovered the chemical triggers for hair growth, which could eventually lead the way to reversing baldness.


After uproar, man with breast cancer OK’d for coverage

After uproar, man with breast cancer OK’d for coverage

Raymond Johnson was due for some good news. Earlier this month, he was denied Medicaid coverage after being diagnosed with breast cancer. But he just got the call he was waiting for: South Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services is granting him coverage, after all.


US doctor cut off trucker's penis

US doctor cut off trucker's penis

A US truck driver tells a court he feels less of a man because a doctor amputated his penis during what was supposed to have been a circumcision.


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