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The world's fittest men of all time

Bruce Lee

In need of some body inspiration (or eye candy)? Men's Health magazine has identified the "100 Fittest Men of All Time." Here are the top 10, starting with swimmer Michael Phelps. At 27, the Olympian has a record 22 medals.


As circumcision declines, health costs will go up, study projects

Declining rates of circumcision among infants will translate into billions of dollars of unnecessary medical costs in the U.S. as these boys grow up and become sexually active men, researchers at Johns Hopkins University warned.


Eating walnuts daily can give sperm an extra boost

A couple of handfuls of walnuts a day can make a man’s sperm stronger, faster and prettier, researchers said on Thursday -- and it’s possible the nuts could provide a natural solution for some men with fertility problems.


Health roundup: New hope for male pill

The long search for a male birth control pill is not over -- but researchers say they have a promising new lead. The researchers were testing a cancer drug in mice when they found it was able to temporarily stop sperm production.


Hormone Drug Slows Prostate Cancer Growth

Johnson & Johnson's drug Zytiga slowed the growth of prostate cancer in a clinical trial of men who hadn't undergone chemotherapy.


U.S. Panel Advises Against Routine Prostate Test

Giving healthy men P.S.A. blood tests for prostate cancer does not save lives and often leads to treatment that can cause needless pain and side effects, the government panel said.


Scientists Discover a Possible Key to Reversing Baldness

Researchers at Yale have discovered the chemical triggers for hair growth, which could eventually lead the way to reversing baldness.


After uproar, man with breast cancer OK’d for coverage

After uproar, man with breast cancer OK’d for coverage

Raymond Johnson was due for some good news. Earlier this month, he was denied Medicaid coverage after being diagnosed with breast cancer. But he just got the call he was waiting for: South Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services is granting him coverage, after all.


Study: Prostate cancer surgery helps younger men

Men under 65 with early prostate cancer had better survival odds if they had surgery right away instead of waiting for treatment only if their ...


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