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In college, two is sometimes worth more than four

College Degrees

Want a solid, middle-class salary straight out of college? Skip the last two years. A site that analyzes state-level data of how much people earn a year after graduating college found some counterintuitive results: Certain students who earn associate’s degrees can get higher salaries than graduates of four-year programs —sometimes thousands of dollars more.


Boehner rejects call to pass tax cuts now 

John Boehner

House Speaker John Boehner, the man at the center of negotiations with President Obama, today rejected Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole’s suggestion to pass an extension of tax cuts for 98 percent of people, declare victory, and go home.


Obama says debt-cutting deal can be reached soon

President Barack Obama said Wednesday he believes that members of both parties can reach a "framework" on a debt-cutting deal before Christmas, making his case with a mix of optimism and pressure on congressional Republicans to keep tax rates from rising on the middle class.


Obama to present closing argument in return to campaign trail

Marine One Helicopter

After three days of tending to storm business, President Obama gets back on the campaign trail Thursday with plans to offer a closing argument focused on middle-class security.


More Americans Delaying Retirement Until Age 80


As they struggle to save for retirement, a growing number of middle-class Americans plan to postpone their golden years until they are in their 80's. Nearly one-third, or 30%, now plan to work until they are 80 or older -- up from 25% a year ago, according to a Wells Fargo survey of 1,000 adults with income less than $100,000. "It is so tough for Americans to save for retirement that the answer seems to be to work longer," said Joe Ready, director of Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust.


Romney Pledges to Keep Tax Deductions for Mortgages

Continuing to embrace a more moderate political persona, Mitt Romney offered assurances on Tuesday that he would protect tax deductions for the middle class on home mortgages and charitable donations. And he also also said he had no plans to pursue new laws limiting abortion.


‘Buried’ comment underscores risk – and reward – of deploying Biden on the trail

Vice President Biden’s off-script remark at a campaign rally Tuesday that the middle class has “been buried for the last four years” has rekindled debate over his effectiveness on the stump, with defenders contending that such gaffes are a sign of Biden’s authenticity, while critics argue that he has served as more of a punch line than an effective messenger on the trail.


Romney Ad Stresses Compassion for Poor

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney stepped up his efforts to repair the damage from his “47 percent” comments, trying to reassure voters that he cares about the poor and middle class.

Senh: Mitt Romney, you shouldn't have doubled down on the 47% comment last week.


Romney and Ryan’s disdain for the working class

itt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate underscores the central question posed by this campaign: Should cold selfishness become the template for our society, or do we still believe in community? Romney wanted the election to be seen as a referendum on the success or failure of President Obama’s economic policies. Instead, he has revealed that the campaign is really a choice between two starkly different philosophies. One could be summed up as: “We’re all in this together.” The other: “I’ve got mine.”


Obama ad hits Romney on tax cut issue

President Obama's latest television ad hits Mitt Romney over his tax cut plans, saying they will lead to tax hikes for the middle class.


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