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First Breast Milk Depot In Florida Opens At Miami's The Gathering Place

Breast Milk

Thanks to mothers with too little supply and mothers with too much, the first breast milk depot recently opening in Florida, reports CBS Miami. The Gathering Place, a maternity center in Miami's Biscayne Corridor, started officially accepting breast milk donations as of February 19.


'Oldest' cheese evidence found

Milk residues are found on 7,500-year-old pottery cheese-making vessels in Poland.


Israel sperm banks find quality is plummeting

Sperm Quality

Sperm quality is down everywhere, but Israel is worse off than other developed countries. Theories about why vary from cellphones in pockets to estrogen in milk or water. The founder of the Tel Aviv-based specialty firm raves about his product with the same gusto distillers reserve for their top-notch scotch. He's particularly proud of his "premium" line.


Case of Mad Cow Disease Is Found in U.S.

Mad Cow Disease

The infected dairy cow in central California never posed a danger to consumers, as milk does not transmit the disease, the chief veterinarian of the Department of Agriculture said.


Abandoned Cambodian boy suckles from cow

Abandoned Cambodian boy suckles from cow

A Cambodian man says his young grandson has lived partly on milk he suckles directly from a cow since the boy's parents left their rural village in search of work.


'Unhealthy' corn dogs, chicken nuggets out, sushi in at L.A. schools

The L.A. school board's decision to stop serving flavored milks on campuses is just the beginning.

Senh: Sushi? Hmm...


Some dairy farmers trade cows for goats as demand for goat cheese ensures stable milk prices

Fluctuating milk prices have long made dairy farming a risky business, and when milk prices crashed in 2002, Chris Lekberg gave up. He sold his cows and bought goats. It turned out to be a wise decision. He now has more than 50 goats, and with growing demand for goat cheese, he gets a steady price for their milk from a nearby cheesemaker.


Report: Kids should stick to water, low-fat milk

If you wonder what kinds of beverages you should allow your kids to drink, a report published Monday morning in the journal Pediatrics makes things crystal clear: That’s just one of many useful nuggets of information from the report’s informative review of sports and energy drinks, the differences between the two and the way they should and, more important, shouldn’t be consumed.


Lactose intolerance may sometimes be in the head, not the gut

Lactose intolerance may sometimes be in the head, not the gut

Italian researchers report that some people who think they are lactose-intolerant may actually suffer from a psychological condition known as ...


Chinese 'infant breasts' inquiry

The health ministry in China is investigating reports that a brand of powdered milk caused infant girls to grow breasts.


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