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Pentagon: NKorea could launch nuclear missile

A new Pentagon report says North Korea probably has nuclear weapons that can be launched by ballistic missile, although it says the weapons are not very reliable....


U.S. will send 400 troops to Turkey

The U.S. will send two batteries of Patriot missiles and 400 troops to Turkey as part of a NATO force meant to protect Turkish territory from potential Syrian missile attack, the Pentagon said Friday.


Israel Launches Airstrikes After Attacks From Gaza

Israeli warplanes responded to rocket fire from Gaza on Monday by launching airstrikes, in a flare-up that began Sunday when Israel fired missiles against two suspected members of jihadist groups.


Egypt military fires missiles on Sinai militants

Egyptian security officials and residents say Egyptian military attack helicopters have fired missiles on suspected Islamic militants in Sinai after an attack on security checkpoints.


Olympics: Residents may get missiles on rooftops

Some London residents are getting troops and surface-to-air missiles on their rooftops for the Summer Olympics.


Analysts say North Korea's new missiles are fakes

North Korean Fake Missiles

A half dozen ominous new North Korean missiles showcased at a lavish military parade were clumsy fakes, analysts say, casting more doubt on the country's claims of military prowess after its recent rocket launch failure....


Russia: Nuclear submarine fire finally out

Russian Nuclear Submarine Fire

Firefighters extinguished a massive fire aboard a docked Russian nuclear submarine Friday as some crew members remained inside, officials said, giving assurances that there was no radiation leak and the vessel's nuclear-tipped missiles were not on board....


U.S. Navy intercepted North Korean ship: report

The U.S. Navy intercepted a North Korean ship suspected of carrying an illegal shipment of missile parts to Myanmar two weeks ago, the New York Times reported on late on Sunday, citing senior American officials.


Star Wars? Air Force Preps Missile-Spotting Satellite

Star Wars? Air Force Preps Missile-Spotting Satellite

Star Wars is back! Sort of. The Air Force will launch a key satellite for its space-based missile alert system Friday, hoping to overcome years of developmental delays in the dogged pursuit of an eye-in-the-sky threat-warning system.


Gaddafi's forces hit with Tomahawks, air strikes

The coalition enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya fired 16 Tomahawk cruise missiles and flew 153 air sorties in the past 24 hours targeting Muammar Gaddafi's artillery, mechanized forces and command and control infrastructure, a U.S. military spokeswoman said on Friday.


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