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What Is Next For Apple's iAd?

Apple has to decide whether it wants to play in the ad world or not. Eddy Cue will now make that decision.


iCircular: Newspapers’ Latest Weapon in the War Against Decline

It’s taken a while, but newspapers across the U.S. are finally ready to leverage all those retailer relationships, build their own mobile coupon service and possibly revitalize their dying ad businesses.


RIM Shops for Mobile Ad Network

RIM Shops for Mobile Ad Network

Under pressure in the increasingly competitive wireless market, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is shopping for a mobile advertising network.

Senh: Makes sense. RIM's Blackberry is still the most used smartphone - yes, more than iPhone and Android phones. With more users browsing the web on their phones, why give the ad revenue to Google or Apple? Just by turning on an ad network, they could be number one in the mobile ad market.


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