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Mobile Efforts Help Propel Facebook’s Earnings


Facebook was once a darling of investors, then a turnoff. Now, a year after going public, the social network seems to have settled into a more stable relationship with Wall Street. But the company has still been taking pains to prove that it can make more money from its base of more than a billion users, especially from those using Facebook on mobile devices.


By Predicting What You Like, Hooked Makes Ads For Mobile Games Less Terrible

What if mobile ads for games and other apps weren’t quite as random as the standard dating service and fantasy game fare, but actually showed some effort in reaching you, the individual user? An app discovery platform, Hooked, has been trying to do that in the chaotic marketplace of Android app stores. Now it’s looking to add some accountability to those ads by integrating its recommendations into ads for mobile apps and browsers.


Mobile Advertising In A Nutshell, Android For Show, Apple For Dough

Some interesting numbers from Norwegian browser company Opera today, as their 'State of Mobile Advertising' looks at impressions and revenue in Q4 2012. Much like that great golfing analogy (driving is for show, but putting what wins you the dough), there is a distinct difference in mobile advertising income and expenditures over the two major platforms. And it points to a healthy ecosystem for developers on iOS devices.


Facebook shares soar 22% in early trading

Facebook lost $59 million in the third quarter, but the newly publicly traded social networking site saw its shares soar on Wall Street early Wednesday. Facebook shares gained $4.35, or 22%, to $23.85 in early trading, after the company reported gains from mobile advertising.


Why The Higher Click-Through Rates for Mobile Ads Which Facebook Touts Mean Nothing


...There’s also the issue that these mobile ads are completely new. Users don’t know any better and happen to click on them. However, over time (and probably pretty quickly), they will learn to avoid these new ads. When banner ads began in the 1990s, CTRs over 5% were common. They are currently 0.2 – 0.3%.


Twitter's Mobile Ads Begin to Click

Twitter Mobile Ads

On most days, Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on, company executives said. One key reason: People who see a Twitter ad on their phones are more likely to click or interact with it in some way, which is how Twitter gets paid for advertisements.


Facebook Readying Location-Based Mobile Ad Product

Facebook Inc., owner the world’s largest social network, says it’s working on a location-based mobile-advertising product that will allow companies to target users with real-time data showing their whereabouts.


Deceptive Ads on Seesmic App

Seesmic Android App

Seesmic, an app on Android that aggregates your activity from social networks, has started to play around with ads on their FREE app. I started seeing them at the top. I didn’t mind them at first because they gotta make money, and I understand that.


What Is Next For Apple's iAd?

Apple has to decide whether it wants to play in the ad world or not. Eddy Cue will now make that decision.


iCircular: Newspapers’ Latest Weapon in the War Against Decline

It’s taken a while, but newspapers across the U.S. are finally ready to leverage all those retailer relationships, build their own mobile coupon service and possibly revitalize their dying ad businesses.


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