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Google faces new E.U. complaint over mobile search

Microsoft, Oracle, Kayak and other technology and search companies in the coalition have filed a complaint with the European Union over Google’s Android mobile operating system, saying that the platform gives the tech giant an unfair advantage in mobile search.


Microsoft, RIM Strike Search Deal

Microsoft, RIM Strike Search Deal

Microsoft said its Bing search engine and mapping service will be the default options for Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices.


At stake for Google in China: Smart phone empire

As the company tangles with the Chinese government, it puts in jeopardy its tentative grip on the cellphone market in a nation where staggering growth in mobile search is expected.

In its public wrangling with the Chinese government, Google Inc.


How Google Will Infiltrate the Real-World: Mobile Coupons, Barcodes, and Visual Search

The rapid growth of the mobile web is a force that could be disruptive to Google, a company who built their search engine for a desktop-based world. On the handheld, all bets are off. Anyone with an innovative concept for improving mobile search could gain ground, possibly even overtaking Google as the top search provider for mobile devices. But don't worry - Google hasn't been ignoring this trend. The company has been busy prepping various initiatives designed to get people googling from their mobile phones.


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