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Morsi declares Egypt emergency

Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi declares a state of emergency in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismalia after deadly rioting.


Morsi Admits Mistakes in Drafting Egypt’s Constitution

President Mohamed Morsi appealed for unity after the bitter debate over the Constitution, and he pledged to respect the one-third of voters who cast ballots against it.


Egypt voters appear to approve new constitution

President Mohamed Morsi apparently secured a victory at the polls Saturday for a new Egyptian constitution, locking the country into a bitter contest between his ascendant Islamist camp and his secular opponents.


Egypt opposition urges "no" vote on divisive constitution

Egypt's liberal and secular opposition has urged its supporters to vote down a divisive constitution put forward by Islamists, and set conditions for taking part in the referendum that will be hard for organizers to meet.


Egypt's president behaves like his predecessors

Mohamed Morsi

The freshly scrawled graffiti depicting Mohammed Morsi as a pharaonic Saddam Hussein tells the tale of high hopes dashed with record speed: Barely six months after becoming Egypt's first democratically elected president, the Islamist is widely accused of abandoning pledges of inclusive government for doctrinaire and authoritarian ways....


Egypt's Mursi gives troops security role in referendum

Egypt's Islamist president has asked the army to help secure a constitutional referendum he is determined to push through despite the risk of more deadly violence between his supporters and opponents accusing him of a power grab.


Morsi reportedly backs down, cancels part of sweeping decree

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has reportedly annulled part of a controversial decree that put his decisions beyond judicial review and sparked large protests.


Egypt protesters demand that Mohamed Morsi step down

'Leave, leave like Mubarak!' protesters chant as tens of thousands break through barbed wire at the presidential palace to denounce President Mohamed Morsi. Tens of thousands of Egyptians broke through barbed wire and marched to the presidential palace Friday demanding that President Mohamed Morsi step down even as government officials appeared to offer a slight concession on a controversial proposed constitution.


Egyptian protest turns violent outside palace

Police have fired tear gas to stop protesters from approaching the presidential palace in Cairo as tens of thousands take to the streets to demonstrate against the assumption of nearly absolute powers by the nation's Islamist leader....


Egypt's judiciary divided over referendum on constitution


Egypt's Supreme Judicial Council has agreed to supervise a referendum on a draft constitution, a legal adviser to President Mohamed Mursi said on Monday, although some judges have called for a boycott.


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