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MWB Repost: "Fantastic Four" Good Buildup, Weak Climax

Dr. Doom in "Fantastic Four"

Here's a repost of my review for "Fantastic Four" on


MWB: "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" Surprises with $56M Opening; "Vacation" Falters

Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation"

Early last week, Tom Cruise’s latest adventure “Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation” was tracking to open in the $40M range and Ed Helms’ latest comedy “Vacation” in the $30 range by the end of the week. “Vacation” stumbled on opening day with $3.8M last Wednesday.


MWB: Fantastic Early Reviews for "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation"; "Southpaw" A Winner at Weekend Box Office

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

I put up three new articles on our sister site Two of them are about the weekend box office, which “Paper Towns” made interesting. The other one is about the early reviews for the new “Mission: Impossible” film starring Tom Cruise.


Relieving High Server Load by Blocking Search Bots


Over the years, whenever the site was slow to load up, I always went through the same routine. I checked traffic logs to see if it was due to a sudden increase in traffic. If not, I would look at the mysql slow query log to see if there were slow queries bogging up the database. If that wasn’t the culprit, then I would take a look at the access logs to see if there were any irregular activities from search engine bots.


Google News Inclusion

MoviesWithButter on Google News

Because Binh, Popcorn, and I had been blogging for months for Movies With Butter (a.k.a. MWB), we decided to apply for inclusion in Google News. I tried applying for Wopular, but I didn’t make the cut because they don’t accept one man shops. With MWB, we have three and because of that, we made the cut.


Another Network Outage ... Argh ...

I spent the whole day dealing with servers. The facility where Wopular and MoviesWithButter are hosted were having some network issues. I was able to get MWB up and running within an hour or so. Wopular was a whole different story. The Database is about 21GB. It's a huge db, so whenever there's a network issue, I can always count on at least one corrupt table. And it always happens to be the largest table, which takes several hours to diagnose and repair.




Long time no blog. Even I wasn’t expecting this long of a hiatus, but maintaining two sites does take a lot of time. I’ve made some minor tweaks to Wopular, but most of my work lately has been focused on Here’s what Binh and I have done to promote the site since launching it a couple months ago.


Launched a New Movie Site Called

Launched a New Movie Site Called

I just launched a new movie site with my Rotten Tomatoes buddy Binh Ngo. It’s called, a website that tracks upcoming movies through various stages of development by aggregating scoops from the top movie sites on the web.


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