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Authorities want to question Robert Wagner in Natalie Wood death

Will actor Robert Wagner ever speak again about the investigation into the death of his wife, Natalie Wood? That seems doubtful after investigators said Thursday that the actor has refused several requests for interviews. More than 13 months ago, detectives reopened the investigation into Wood's death, and Wagner is the person they are most interested in talking to.


Coroner releases new report on Natalie Wood death

Some of the bruises found on Natalie Wood's body may have occurred before the actress drowned in the waters off Southern California more than 30 years ago, according to a newly released coroner's report on one of Hollywood's most mysterious deaths.


Book World: ‘The Stonecutter’ by Camilla Lackberg

It’s got to be something in the fjord water. Or maybe lingonberries are an unacknowledged superfood. How else to explain all the superlative Swedish crime writers who have swarmed into the mystery arena since the mid-1960s?


Mystery of town's odd noises solved

The mystery behind four days of unexplained shaking and odd sounds rattling Clintonville, Wisconsin, has been solved. The cause? A "swarm" of minor earthquakes amplified by the unique bedrock beneath the state of Wisconsin.


J.K. Rowling has deal for new novel for adults

J.K. Rowling

Adult fans of J.K. Rowling can rejoice: She has a new novel coming, for grownups. The kids will have to wait and see. The author of the mega-selling "Harry Potter" series has an agreement with Little, Brown in the United States and Britain to release her first adult novel, the publishers announced Thursday. The title, release date and details about the book, long rumored, were not announced. A neighbor of Rowling's in Edinburgh, author Ian Rankin, tweeted Thursday that he thinks Rowling has written a mystery novel.


Author admits to female alter ego

Boris Akunin, the Russian author of the Erast Fandorin detective series, reveals he has written several books under the female pseudonym Anna Borisova.


Water found in lunar impact likely came from comets

Water found in lunar impact likely came from comets

The mystery of where the moon's water came from may soon be solved.


E-book of new Dan Brown novel coming Sept. 15

E-book readers can relax: The electronic edition of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is coming out on the same day as the hardcover.


'The Lovely Bones' Trailer Paints A Lovely Picture Of Heaven

'The Lovely Bones' Trailer Paints A Lovely Picture Of Heaven

It's shaping up to be a fantastic year for the contents of my bookshelf, as another of my favorite tomes is getting the big screen treatment. I got giddy back in June over the Rachel McAdams-Eric Bana romance "The Time Traveler's Wife" (due out a week from Friday) and now the trailer for "The Lovely Bones," based on Alice Sebold's 2002 novel, has hit the interwebs.


Carradine mystery deepens, family seeks FBI help

Carradine mystery deepens, family seeks FBI help

The family of actor David Carradine has asked U.S. authorities to help unravel the mystery of his death, amid conflicting reports about how his body was found hanging naked in a Bangkok hotel.


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