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U.S. sends aircraft carrier back to Gulf to face Iran, Syria

Aircraft Carrier

The U.S. Navy is cutting short home leave for the crew of one of its aircraft carriers and sending them back to the Middle East next week to counter any threat from Iran, according to the official Navy News Service.


Navy jet crash: All safe after a Navy jet crashes into apartment complex

Navy Jet Crash

The three people listed Friday night as missing from the apartment complex where a U.S. Navy jet fighter crashed have been located and are safe, emergency officials said Saturday morning.


Navy jet crashes into apartments in Virginia

Jet Crash

Flames and black smoke poured from the apartments near Virginia Beach. The crew of the F/A-18 ejected, but their condition isn't known, the Navy says.


Lesbian couple win Navy's 'first-kiss' honors

Lesbian Couple Kiss: Navy

For the first time, a lesbian couple today marked a time-honored Navy homecoming tradition in which a sailor is chosen to be the first off the ship to exchange a kiss with a loved one, The Virginian-Pilot reports.


Navy officer weds partner as military gay ban ends

When Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his partner were searching for a place to get married, they settled on a site in Vermont, in part because the state ...


U.S. Navy intercepted North Korean ship: report

The U.S. Navy intercepted a North Korean ship suspected of carrying an illegal shipment of missile parts to Myanmar two weeks ago, the New York Times reported on late on Sunday, citing senior American officials.


Blue Angels commander steps down

The commander of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels stepped down Friday in the wake of a subpar performance at a Virginia air show this week.


Army, Navy add citizenship option to boot camp

Army, Navy add citizenship option to boot camp

Military service has long been one route to U.S. citizenship. Now the Army and Navy, in need of specialists and language skills in wartime, are speeding things up by allowing recruits to wrap up the process while they're still in basic training....


U.S. military, aid teams headed for Japan

Navy ships, Marine forces and non-governmental relief teams are being dispatched to the disaster-stricken areas of Japan to provide humanitarian assistance and to search for survivors.


Navy firing over videos raises questions of timing

Navy firing over videos raises questions of timing

The Navy brusquely fired the captain of the USS Enterprise on Tuesday, more than three years after he made lewd videos to boost morale for his crew, timing that put the military under pressure to explain why it acted only after the videos became public.


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