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Why Did LinkedIn Acquire Pulse For $90 Million?

Content has become a large initiative on LinkedIn’s web property, but it hasn’t translated as well to its mobile apps. More users are shifting to mobile, and as the Pulse team was mostly focused on mobile, they can contribute to LinkedIn’s content efforts specifically on mobile platforms.


After Digg, What’s Next in News Aggregation?


Digg rose to prominence years ago by changing the way people share news online. But its subsequent downfall – and $500,000 sale to Betaworks on Thursday – underscores the swift evolution of technology that is helping people discover content online.


Launched a New Movie Site Called

Launched a New Movie Site Called

I just launched a new movie site with my Rotten Tomatoes buddy Binh Ngo. It’s called, a website that tracks upcoming movies through various stages of development by aggregating scoops from the top movie sites on the web.


3 Reasons Curation is Here to Stay

Perhaps you won't believe me since it's my job to spread the gospel of curation as the Chief Evangelist of Pearltrees, but I think curation is here to stay. These are the reasons why I believe this is the case.


Here's Why The Unpaid Bloggers Suing Arianna Huffington For $105 Million Don't Deserve A Penny

Here's Why The Unpaid Bloggers Suing Arianna Huffington For $105 Million Don't Deserve A Penny

The understanding was Arianna provided the platform, I provided the content, and the hope was (on my part anyway) that at some point the combination of the two would land me a paying gig, or up my profile (or in the case of people I know, up their consulting fees and/or land them publishing deals) etc.


AOL Advertisers Wary

In the wake of AOL's deal to buy the Huffington Post, some marketing executives are expressing concerns about the liberal-leaning nature of the website and its potential to taint the broader AOL brand.


Mayer calls HuffPost 'the internet Death Star'

The singer has kept fairly quiet since dropping the "N" word in Playboy earlier this year, but he broke from the light-hearted material in his recent Tumblr posts to take on reports that he's back with Aniston.


Has Digg Found the Winning Formula for Ads?

Digg took a big risk when they added in-line advertisements that users could digg or bury. Four months later, however, early signs indicate that DiggAds are a win for all parties involved: users, advertisers, and especially Digg.


Looks like Murdoch’s just started blocking search engines

Looks like Murdoch’s just started blocking search engines

Remember when Rupert Murdoch caused a stir by saying that he was going to start blocking news search services like Google News from carrying his sites’ stories? Well, it looks like he’s started.


Digg To Aggregate What's Hot On Social Media

Digg founder Kevin Rose dropped a morsel of information about a major overhaul to the social news website that's been a long time coming...Instead of limiting the pool to input from its own users, Rose indicated that Digg may also begin taking into account link-sharing data from other social networks.


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