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For newspapers, a 2 percent decline is good news

Newspaper - WC

For the beleaguered newspaper industry, the good news may be that the bad news isn’t getting worse. Newspaper revenue fell just 2 percent last year compared with 2011, according to new data compiled by the Newspaper Association of America, the industry’s main trade group.


New Shoots In Old Growth - Remaking The Local Newspaper

Is the newspaper business dead? John Garrett's hyperlocal chain in Texas suggests there's still life in the old medium.


Wall Street Journal remains No. 1 US newspaper

Wall Street Journal

A media industry group says U.S. newspaper circulation was almost unchanged in the six months that ended in September. Average daily circulation in the April-September period slid 0.2 percent for the 613 newspapers included in the semiannual study by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Sunday circulation for the 528 newspapers in Tuesday's report increased 0.6 percent.


Murdoch bid for Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune mooted

Los Angeles Times

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is looking to bid for the Los Angeles Times, the paper has reported, adding Murdoch is also interested in buying its stablemate the Chicago Tribune from their parent company, the Tribune Company.

Senh: Might as buy them while they're cheap.


Washington Post's Net Rises, but Kaplan Struggles

Washington Post

Washington Post Co. reported a rise in first-quarter earnings that reflected a write-down a year earlier and that masked further weakness in the company's education centers.

Senh: Whoah, a newspaper is actually making money. Good news.


New York Times Co. Reports Gain in Net Income

The increase was mainly because of the sale of the company’s regional newspapers, while operating profit declined 24.3 percent.


Media Decoder Blog: New York Times Plans Staff Reductions

In a deteriorating advertising climate, the company said it would seek to eliminate roughly 50 jobs through attrition and buyouts.


WSJ accused of unorthodox boost to circulation

The Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday that it had seen emails and documents showing that The Wall Street Journal funneled money through third parties to a company that was buying up copies of the Journal and boosting its European circulation....


Report: Americans fail to appreciate local papers

A majority of Americans don't seem to recognize the value of their local newspaper. According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, most people say they wouldn't miss local news if their newspaper no longer existed.

Senh: That's bad news for AOL's and other major players like Google, Yelp, and Citysearch.


New York Times Co. Sees Ad Sales Falling 8%

New York Times Co. expects ad revenue to fall a steeper-than-expected 8% in the third quarter, with as much as a 3% decline in digital-ad sales.


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