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Nicaragua Detains US Most-Wanted Suspect

Police in Nicaragua have detained one of the FBI's ten most-wanted fugitives, child-porn suspect Eric Justin Toth. The head of detectives for Nicaragua's National Police force says Toth was detained near the Honduran border. Glenda Zavala said Monday that Toth had been detained Saturday, based on an international detention request. The former Washington D.C. elementary school teacher faces accusations he possessed and produced child pornography. He lost his teaching job in 2008 after another teacher found images of child pornography on a school camera in Toth's possession.


Fake TV crew jailed for 30 years

A court in Nicaragua gives maximum jail sentences to 18 people caught crossing the border with $9.2m while posing as journalists from Mexican TV.


Volcano belches ash, smoke 2 miles up

Nicaragua Volcano Eruption

A volcano in western Nicaragua erupted Saturday, shooting gas and ashes some 2.5 miles into the sky, a government agency said.


Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega has early lead in vote

President and one-time revolutionary Daniel Ortega appeared to have won re-election in Nicaragua, according to results released Monday.


Iranian 'Embassy' Alarms U.S.

Rumored facility in Nicaragua suggests expansion into the West may be less substantive than feared.


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