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Researchers: Terror attack least likely in North America

North America is the least likely region of the world to suffer from terrorism, according to a “Global Terrorism Index” launched Tuesday.


USGS: Magnitude 7.7 quake hits Canada's British Columbia


A magnitude 7.7 earthquake has hit Canada's Pacific coast province of British Columbia on Saturday night, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.


New spider found in Oregon....Sorry Oregon, but I'll never ever be visiting you...


A group of cave explorers and scientists have made a rare discovery: an entirely new taxonomic family of spider in the caves of southern Oregon. Only two other spider families (the taxonomic group above both genus and species) have been found since 1990, and this is the first newly discovered, native one uncovered in North America since 1890, said California Academy of Sciences researcher Charles Griswold, lead author of the study that described the species.


Recycling cigarette butts starts to catch fire

Cigarette butts are the targets of new recycling efforts worldwide as Canada launches a voluntary program that turns butts into plastic.


Manhunt takes on horror show quality

Body Parts Killer

Canadian police are hunting a self-proclaimed porn star who they say killed and dismembered a student, mailed the body parts to police and politicians, and put a video of the act on the Internet.


Porn actor is suspect in Canada case where body dismembered, mailed

A porn actor is wanted in a gruesome case of dismembered body parts that were mailed to different places including the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada, police said.


Man who aided driver saved by him a few miles later

A Canadian man who had just helped a motorist change a tire in western Wisconsin had his good deed quickly repaid when, just minutes later, that same motorist helped to save his life.


Whirlpool to cut 5,000 jobs to reduce costs

Appliance maker Whirlpool Corp. plans to cut 5,000 jobs, about 10 percent of its workforce in North America and Europe, as it faces soft demand and higher costs for materials....

Senh: Again, in a recession, why are companies raising prices when they know there's record unemployment.


10-year-old girl discovers a supernova

10-year-old girl discovers a supernova

A 10-year-old girl from Canada has discovered a supernova, making her the youngest person ever to find a stellar explosion.


Pilot ejects from fighter plane moments before crash

Pilot ejects from fighter plane moments before crash

The pilot of a Canadian fighter plane has made a miraculous escape from his jet, seconds before it smashed into the ground.


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