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Organic foods fight back against threat from study

Organic Food

Thanks to new research released this week by Stanford University, consumers now know that all of those sweet, red pieces of fruit – no matter how naturally or conventionally they were grown, and no matter how they are labeled – carry the exact same nutritional value. Forget: "Paper or plastic?" The question now: Will this revelation take a bite out of the $31 billion organic food industry?


Eating walnuts daily can give sperm an extra boost

A couple of handfuls of walnuts a day can make a man’s sperm stronger, faster and prettier, researchers said on Thursday -- and it’s possible the nuts could provide a natural solution for some men with fertility problems.


Hydration: Water vs. sports drink

What to drink on your summer run or bike ride — sports drink or water? The answer is not always as clear as, say, water. It depends on the duration and intensity of the physical activity and on how much you sweat, says Suzanne Girard Eberle, sports dietitian and author of “Endurance Sports Nutrition.”


How America spends on groceries

Part of this has to do with changes in consumption: Americans eat more processed foods and sweets than they did in the early 1980s, which likely accounts for why we’re spending more on those groceries. It is also tied up in pricing. The cost of meat has dropped significantly; adjusted for inflation, pork chops cost 37 percent less than they did 30 years ago. That probably has a lot to do with why we’re spending less on meat: We can get a lot more of it for each of our grocery dollars.


Disney to stop some junk-food ads on kids' TV


Walt Disney Co. will stop accepting some junk-food ads on TV programs, radio shows and websites aimed at children, according to sources with knowledge of the plan.


NYC proposes ban on sale of oversized sodas, sugary drinks

Sugary Drinks

New York City plans to ban the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks in an effort to combat obesity.


Have California schools cracked the code on obesity?

... That makes it all the more exciting to find one policy that does seem to be working: California’s strict school nutrition standards — soda bans, low calorie foods in cafeterias and limits on fat content — appear to have had a significant impact on what teens there eat.


A Baby's First 1,000 Days Shape Health For Life


It's now official -- the first 1,000 days of your life -- conception to your second birthday is what decides how healthy or brainy you will be the rest of your life. For mothers force-feeding their teenage children with "healthy food" or pushing them to go out to play, scientific evidence now clearly proves that what a mother eats while pregnant influences the child's memory, concentration, judgement, intellect, mood and emotions.


'Pink slime' sounds gross, but how does it taste?

All this angst over "pink slime" has made one thing clear: We don't always know what we're getting when we bite into a big juicy burger....


All red meat is bad for you, new study says

Red Meat

A long-term study finds that eating any amount and any type increases the risk of premature death. Eating red meat — any amount and any type — appears to significantly increase the risk of premature death, according to a long-range study that examined the eating habits and health of more than 110,000 adults for more than 20 years.


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