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Oil Prices Fall But Airlines Not Benefiting

Tiger Airlines

Falling oil prices are typically good news for airlines as fuel accounts for more than a third of their operating costs, but not all carriers are benefiting due to fuel hedging.


Which Would You Rather Have - Low Gas Prices or Better Economy? Because You Can't Have Both

As expected, when the economy took a hit like yesterday when job growth was anemic and unemployment went up slightly, oil prices went down. It has nothing to do with supply and demand.


Oil prices tumble; will gas prices follow?

Oil prices plunged as bleak reports on U.S. job growth and manufacturing heightened worries about a slowing global economy. Benchmark oil fell $3.49 to $83.04 per barrel Friday.

Senh: Hey, at least gas prices are going down, but so is the economy. But good news is good news.


Lower oil prices ease load on consumers and Obama

Gas Prices

What only weeks ago was seen as a serious threat to the economic recovery could now turn into a stimulus everyone can love. Oil and gasoline prices are sinking, giving relief to businesses and consumers who a few weeks ago seemed about to face the highest fuel prices ever.

Senh: Oops, there goes another thing that Mitt Romney can't blame on Barack Obama. He'll probably take credit for it, though.


Oil Prices Suffer Largest One-Day Decline In Nearly Six Months

Oil Prices

The price of oil suffered its biggest one-day decline in nearly six months Friday, falling below $100 per barrel for the first time since February. A drop in gasoline prices can't be far behind.


Delta buys a refinery in bid to cut its fuel bill

Delta Air Lines said on Monday that it will buy a refinery near Philadelphia in the hope of slicing $300 million a year from its jet fuel bill.


Chevron profit rises 4 percent, even as production falls

Chevron Corp, the second-largest U.S. oil company, reported a slightly higher-than-expected quarterly profit as rising oil prices and refining margins made up for a decline in oil and gas production.


Global food prices on the rise again: World Bank

Food Prices on the Rise

Global food prices are rising again, pushed higher by costlier oil, strong demand from Asia and bad weather in parts of Europe, South America and the United States, the World Bank said on Wednesday.


Global economy on recovery path, risks remain: IMF chief

IMF: Christine Lagarde

The global economy has stepped back from the brink of danger and signs of stabilization are emerging from the euro zone and the United States, but high debt levels in developed markets and rising oil prices are key risks ahead, the IMF said on Sunday.


Chevron's Quarterly Earnings Surge 51%

Chevron reported a 51% rise in second-quarter earnings as the second-largest U.S. oil company benefited from high crude prices and stronger refining margins.


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