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PepsiCo pulls Mountain Dew ad after criticism

PepsiCo is pulling an online ad for Mountain Dew that was criticized for portraying racial stereotypes and making light of violence toward women....


Twitter Lets Advertisers Target Keywords In Tweets - But It's Still No Google

Twitter's announcement today that it will let advertisers target pitches based on words people type in tweets has marketing types in a tizzy over the potential for another ad venue as effective as 's search ads.


Yahoo's Profit Jumps 36%

Yahoo said its profit rose 36% as the struggling Internet pioneer showed signs of continuing its slow but steady rebound under Mayer. But its shares fell after-hours on signs of decay in sales of display ads.


Facebook acquires Atlas from Microsoft

Seattle-based Atlas is a digital media measurement platform; it provides measurement, analytical and management tools for ad campaigns and marketing agencies.


Google's Online Ad Results Guilty Of Racial Profiling, According To New Study

Every job candidate lives in fear that a Google search could reveal incriminating indiscretions from a distant past. But a new study examining racial bias in the wording of online ads suggests that Google's advertising algorithms may be unfairly associating some individuals with wrongdoing they didn’t commit.


Furor over French move to block online ads

France's government says it has persuaded a leading Internet provider to stop blocking online advertisements — a controversial move that would have hit online search giants such as Google.


LinkedIn Targets Ad Growth With New Ads API


LinkedIn is launching a new Ads API that will make it easier for social media marketers to manage their LinkedIn campaigns. That could mean future growth in the company's ad revenue.


‘Do Not Track’ Internet privacy initiative struggles to keep momentum

The two-year-old drive to give consumers a simple way to block companies from tracking their behavior as they move across the Internet has faltered, say participants in the process who are struggling to reconcile privacy concerns with an advertising model that pays for many free Internet services.


You for Sale: Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant by Advertisers

In split-second auctions, companies are jockeying for the chance to buy online ads geared to your specific tastes. But consumer advocates see a risk of a computer-generated class system.


AOL shares jump on ad revenues


Shares in AOL have jumped 14% after the US internet firm reported a sharp rise in advertising revenues. Advertising sales jumped 7% to $340m (£212m), boosting net profit for the third quarter to $20.8m, compared with a loss of $2.6m a year ago.


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